3 Tips For Making An Adventure Out Of Life

Helen Keller once said that ‘Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.’ Now, we all know the struggles she managed to overcome, those that required a courageous spirit from start to finish, but the truth is more nuanced than this.

After all, no one would consider sitting down and watching a movie in the afternoon as a ‘great adventure,’ unless it’s particularly good. But you can enjoy it, and that’s nice. That being said, sometimes we do want a little more adventure in oure lives. Sometimes, we want to make the way we pursue our goals and consider our future options more in-line with that of someone who is the hero of their own story – namely, us.

But how can you make an adventure out of life? After all, most of us must work to survive. Sitting in the office for 35 hours a week might not feel adventurous. But life is not a race, it’s the longest endurance run we could ever opt for, and so the possibilities and opportunities can be seized where they may. With the following advice, you’ll no likely agree:

Document Your Experiences!

Document your experiences in life! This only helps you meet new people, and find new things in 2020. Social media is (rightly) seen as a means in which to ignore life these days, and that’s not good. However, it can also help you enhance it if you manage your time well. Who’s to say that your time traveling cannot be well-documented through Instagram, helping you meet fellow travelers, or find amazing experiences that have limited time frames to make use of?

It might be that you decide to learn how to transfer photos from iPhone to PC in order to edit your skiing photos and truly make them shine. There’s nothing as cool as finding an in-action shot of a ski or snowboarding jump and editing it to look even cooler. This is where adventure lies, and extreme fun with your friends. It’s hard to complain as far as this concerned.

One Risk Or New Experience A Week

It’s important to challenge yourself. Some suggest that each day you should do something that makes you uncomfortable, and that’s good advice. Perhaps it means going to a shop you’re not usually familiar with, or taking a different route to work, or telling that person that you’re simply not interested in gossiping with them about members of the office.

But what if you could find something bigger? For that, we’ll need more time. What if, every week, you found something that challenged you and gave you a reason to smile? It needn’t have to be a massive consideration. You may just find that heading to a local paintball field with your friends and throwing yourself around could be a new experience. For some, it might mean planning their post-Covid travels. For others, it might mean purchasing an instrument and starting to learn it. What matters is that you’re always finding new things you could do, and seeing if they’re for you. This doesn’t mean you can’t keep disciplines, only that you’ll always be broadening your horizons in the best possible manner.

Even thinking ‘I could do this’ is a victory. That’s the core of the adventurous life and a mindset that can tremendously increase your confidence no matter who you are.

Say What You Mean

Here’s an adventure all on its own – say what you mean. Yes, it can be that simple. This doesn’t mean you have to be abrasive or that person who always ‘tells it like it is,’ wondering why their friends never seem to regularly invite them to events.

Saying what you mean basically means not lying if you can help it. White lies, little exaggerations, all of it. For the most part, tell the truth. Because if you do that, you will find that the people you’re supposed to actually befriend are closer to you than ever, while the people you have to tread on eggshells around naturally distance themselves. Why should you be anyone other than who you are? Saying what you mean, even if it’s brutally honest, is much better than a well-crafted lie. This doesn’t mean you have to be hurtful or directly offer your opinions every single time.

That’s an adventure in itself. It’s a commitment to being you, fully and totally. It will be a meta-adventure that you live your entire life, while also providing you new adventures in more authentic directions. Trust us when we say the person who can follow this path is thoroughly heroic.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily make an adventure out of life. You deserve it.