Whether you love winter or hate it, many parts of the country have to deal with the white stuff. Not only does that mean you have to work a little harder to keep yourself healthy, but it often means a few more chores added to your list every day – including plowing or shoveling snow.

Maybe you had to shovel one-too-many times this year and you’re already thinking about what you can do to make it easier the next time a big blizzard hits. While traditional plows and snowblowers have their benefits, you may be able to get the job done with something already sitting in your garage; an ATV or UTV.

Your UTV (or side-by-side) can actually make plowing snow kind of fun, and it’s certainly easier than breaking your back with a shovel!

So, let’s look at some tips you can use to make plowing with your UTV easier. It’s a great excuse to get it out of the garage all year long!

1. Keep Your Vehicle Maintained

You don’t want to dig into the snow with a UTV that hasn’t been checked out in a while. Something as simple as making sure you have fuel and oil is a good start, but double-checking your plow connections should also be checked off your list.

If you don’t consider yourself a mechanic by any means, it’s okay to take your vehicle in to get it checked out or have someone you trust stop by and make sure it’s running smoothly before you go through a whole winter season putting it to work.

2. The More You Snow…

You’ll want to work with the snow, not against it. That might seem counter-productive, but it’ll make the whole plowing process much easier. First, you can help the snow to roll off of your plow blade by greasing it with a little bit of oil, or even cooking spray!

Second, set your depth on the plow according to the amount of snow (and type of snow) you have. You don’t want to set it too low and scrape against your driveway or risk digging into your lawn.

Finally, follow the slope of your driveway when plowing. You always want to push your snow down the drive, not up. Following the contours will keep snow away from your garage and will make it easier to get your car out of the driveway.

3. Clean it Properly

Keeping your plow and UTV clean after getting the job done is extremely important. Wipe it down and dry it off as much as possible, so moisture from excess snow doesn’t seep down into the machine. If it re-freezes, it can cause big problems, and the water can even cause the exterior to rust.

The good news? These plowing tips are simple, and only it only takes a few extra minutes before and after plowing to make sure your UTV stays in good shape. If you don’t already have a UTV or ATV, you can certainly use this as another justification to get one – especially if you live in a snowy area! But, if you already have one on hand, take advantage of the workhorse and keep your driveway clear for many winters to come.