The exterior of your home is the first thing that people see, and if you are considering selling your home, it needs to be perfect. The exterior of the house is a mix of vital parts and cosmetic parts. For example, things like the garden aren’t integral to the build quality of your home, but if it is ugly or unkempt, it will decrease the value in the eyes of a buyer.

So let’s look at a few places that you can improve to increase the value of your home.


This one might depend on how much of a driveway or how large the garden is in your home. But even adding some outdoor fairy lights to the fences of a smaller yard improves how cozy it looks. The potential buyers should picture themselves relaxing and enjoying the home, and this touch helps.

Line any paths with soft lighting; not only does it increase safety, but it looks great from the curb too.

Doors and Windows

If the doors, windows, and your garage door don’t match – it can feel a little bit disjointed. If they all need to be replaced, then this is your opportunity to add some style of sophistication to the exterior.

You can choose modern, clean lines and minimal design details, an industrial-style grey and imposing set, or a country style with wood paneling.

Consider what the interior of the house looks like, and make a choice that feels cohesive.


Roofing isn’t a cheap upgrade, but it is more than worth considering. If the home is more than 50 years old, it has likely had a roof upgrade already. If, however, you have no paperwork to indicate that, then it is time to check local roofing companies and get a quote for an inspection.

If the roof doesn’t match the overall look you are going for with the home, getting it to change makes sense. You’ll also need to consider solar panels when dealing with the roof. Most buyers like to see solar panels already fitted – or have the ability to fit them.


A home should feel beautiful to look at, and part of that is planting extra flowers. You can hire a landscaping team to do this for you, though. When having additional flowers and hedges planted, remember that if you aren’t selling your home, you will need to focus on their upkeep.

For those who don’t have green thumbs, an alternative is having a range of permanent plants fitted.

Permanent planters offer a low-maintenance option for people who want bright colors and flowers without fuss. The great thing about planters is that even if the rest of the yard is slabbed, you can add texture and interest by adding some.

Your landscaping team will already have seasonal plants in mind but opt for a range of yearly flowering bulbs so that you get the most from the space all year round. This also means no matter when you wish to sell; there will be something to look at in the garden.

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