How to be comfortable with yourself

Throughout life, we always want to be in the best mood possible. That’s pretty obvious, right? Nobody wants to do the ninety-year stint on this planet with a constant feeling of negativity and fear. Our moods and our emotions are based on a bunch of things. Sometimes they’re triggered by the things we do ourselves. Occasionally other people influence how our day goes. Sometimes our moods, positive or negative, are triggered by absolutely nothing at all.

One thing that everybody deserves to be in this life is comfortable. Comfortable in terms of their living situation. Comfortable with their beds. Comfortable with who they are as a person. We’re going to focus on that final one, here. Being okay with ourselves is something that a lot of people struggle to do. It’s understandable with the social pressures that are applied to us every day, so don’t worry if you’re feeling like this. There is a long list of things someone can do to make themselves more at ease and to remove the self-doubt. Let’s go through just a few now – hopefully, you can follow along and heed.

Use Social Media A Little Less

Social media is cool. The power of communicating with people from all over the world and connecting on a deep level is like something out of a sci-fi movie. It does have its downsides, though. And those downsides can be very, very cataclysmic for a person.

A lot of high expectations are set on these apps. People only ever post their successes, so you never see the bad stuff people are going through. It can make you feel like you’re not good enough if you scroll too much and get too deep into it. Perhaps limit your scrolling time to a small amount per day. You’ll feel a lot more confident.


Exercising improves your physicality, so you’ll feel less self-conscious physically – whatever your current condition is. Mentally you’ll be empowered, too. For some reason, our bodies react positively to our muscles being put under immense physical scrutiny! You always feel so much better in your head after you’ve been for a run (or done any physical activity), don’t you! Well, that’s science making you feel better about yourself, dude!

Wear What Makes You Happy

We’re often pressured into wearing what we’re supposed to. We have to stick to the latest trends and make sure we don’t veer away from the status quo. Forget about that. If you see something you like: buy it. Enjoy it.

This next point is a little obvious, but a fab way of being comfortable with yourself, it’s a good idea to be comfortable. Spoil yourself and buy comfy stuff for when you’re out or when you’re lazing around the house. A big sweater? Cool. Some large men’s bamboo socks? Go for it. If it makes you happier, who cares?

Stop Trying To Impress People

This is an important point. Stop doing it. You’re not going to be like by everyone. You aren’t, so stop. Even the girl or boy you want to date. Don’t worry about them liking you. It doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, and it’ll only concern you and plague your mind. You know how you want to impress people because you need their attention? Well, spin it around and show that lack of interest – you’ll have people flocking to you.