Stress has become a huge problem in our day to day lives. It’s okay to admit it. Stress is getting the better of most of us. Especially in the current climate. Many of us are still reeling in the wake of the pandemic. Those of us who run our own businesses are particularly vulnerable to the healthy and psychological impact that chronic stress can have on us. When stress comes in small doses it can be good for us. It can bring out the best in us at times of crisis, and make us more proactive and dynamic in work or business. However, when stress comes at us from many different directions and seems like an omnipresent part of our lives, it can become chronic. And chronic stress can trigger the body’s inflammation response, making us extremely vulnerable to a wide range of health issues.

There’s no denying that stress can have a huge variety of negative consequences in our day-to-day lives. But before you start talking to your doctor about anti-anxiety medications, it behoves you to consider the natural alternatives that could be far more beneficial. We need only look to the plant kingdom to find all kinds of natural stress-relieving agents. Let’s take a look at 4 ways in which plants can change your life if you’re stressed…

They can add a sense of calm to your home

On the most basic level, the presence of plants in your home can be a tremendously soothing part of your interior decor. Plants exhale oxygen and breathe in carbon dioxide, purifying the air in your home. They not only bring aesthetic beauty, they imbue your space with a wonderful sense of calm and serenity.

Their presence can improve our productivity at work

There’s a reason why big businesses spend a small fortune on filling their workspaces with plants. Like natural light, plants help us to feel anchored in the natural world. Their presence can make us more productive, combat stress, and reduce the frustration that often comes with reduced productivity- exacerbating our stress levels. Whether you’re back in the office or working from home, you can expect to enjoy far less stressful days when you embrace the power of plants.

Rethink your preconceptions about some plants

There are some plants that we eschew because we focus on the negative stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding them. We all know that weed can prove useful in combatting stress and anxiety. However, some won’t consider it because they’re deterred by the stereotype of the lazy, underachieving stoner. But there are some studies that show a positive correlation between cannabis and productivity. Especially for those who work in the creative sector.

Eating them can combat the physical symptoms of stress

Finally, a wholefoods plant based diet has also been linked to reduces stress levels, reduced inflammation, lower cholesterol and less risk of many of the health issues that tend to plague hard working executives (like heart disease etc.). Make sure you’re eating more plants and less of everything else and you may find that your stress levels dip naturally!