The global pandemic has drastically changed our working processes, but fortunately, new technologies keep them running smoothly. However, it is crucial to properly arrange your working from home routine to avoid anxiety-related conditions, sleep disruptions, and prevent burnout.

Frequent video calls can be the primary reason why your overall well-being is worsening, especially if your position requires you to make them frequently throughout the day. If you already feel like Zoom fatigue has become a real thing for you, ensure to make your virtual meetings as ergonomic as possible.

Below, you will find a list of necessary accessories to improve your video conferencing experience.

High-Quality Set of Headphones

Acquiring a high-quality set of headphones should be the first thing on your list when preparing your desktop setup for video conference calls. Online meetings sometimes will take a significant part of your working day, so it is crucial to ensure they will run smoothly and leave no headache for you after all.

Many video conferencing platforms have significantly improved the meeting experience by reducing background noises. Still, only a headset will enable you not to miss a word and ensure you are being heard correctly.

Opting for a good set of headphones will also eliminate the need to acquire a separate microphone, as many models have a one that’s built-in. Make sure to check headphone reviews and guides before you order your headset – it will allow you to determine the most suitable option for you and make you aware of any possible tech issues beforehand.

External Webcam

Working from home should not stop you from looking professional. Dressing up for video calls has already become a sign of good manners, but ensuring the quality picture during the conference call is equally important.

If your laptop webcam is quite mediocre, consider installing an external one. You can find various options, like 4K webcams or ones with a built-in microphone. Choosing a web camera with a tripod rather than one you can attach to your laptop will be more beneficial. Hence, you will be able to adjust the angle according to the amount of natural lighting in the room or to your best side for portrait framing.

Ring Light

The way your home office space is illuminated impacts significantly on the way you will look during the video call. As the natural lighting changes the day or may not reach your desktop at all, it is essential to ensure that you are adequately highlighted. A ring light is an irreplaceable helper.

You can find inexpensive ring lights on a tripod, and some models even have phone holders that will allow you to make your online meeting even more flexible. Placing a ring light behind your laptop will not only reduce shadows and get you a better, clearer video quality but also will keep you concentrated during a video conference.

Laptop Stand

Acquiring a laptop stand for your desktop setting will positively affect your home office routine in several ways. First of all, it will allow you to choose more suitable angles for video conferencing. Secondly, it makes your working space more ergonomic, especially if you use a laptop and a separate monitor simultaneously.

Using a laptop stand will reduce the pains that might occur in your upper back, neck, shoulders, and arms and also keep the air circulation at the bottom of your laptop, preventing it from getting too hot (which can negatively impact its performance). As such, it allows you to prolong not only the device’s service life but yours as well!


Most company employees, as well as freelancers, have switched to entirely digital working tools, which is indeed extremely convenient. However, taking notes in your Google Docs or Notion page, or switching between tabs during the video call, especially if you are presenting your screen, will not be as convenient as when working on your own.

That’s why you shouldn’t neglect using an old-fashioned paper notepad to write down the meetings’ key points, fresh ideas during video call brainstorming, and your private thoughts on the project. It will still allow you to keep things organized and make sure nothing is missing. Besides, sticking to analog notes is another way to reduce your screen time at least a little bit.


The remote working operating mode has its benefits and drawbacks. The latter may negatively affect your well-being, so make sure to take organizing your home office and particularly desktop setup seriously. It will allow you to avoid undesirable aches, inconveniences, and exhaustion during the workday.

A set of essential accessories, which includes a comprehensive headset, proper lighting, and ergonomic rearranging of the tools you use daily, will help you reduce the stress that accumulates during endless video calls. Moreover, it will help you look like a professional you already are.