When people say that a dog is man’s best friend, it is similar to the statement, “one small step for man, one giant step for mankind.” Similar to Neil Armstrong’s infamous statement, the term “man” doesn’t necessarily mean males per se, but rather humankind as a whole. As such, when people say dogs are a man’s best friend, it means dogs are humankind’s best friend. The reality is, as far as animals go, dogs really are a man and woman’s best friend and in this article, we list a few reasons as to why.

1. Bold Guardians

If a stranger comes into your home, you can rest assured that a pet cat or parrot will run for the hills and fend for themselves. But if you own a dog, chances are you know when someone is approaching the door before they ring the doorbell as your dog will be more than happy to let you know someone is approaching.

If you own a dog, you know for a fact that you can count on them to protect you regardless of their size. Mini French bulldog puppies for sale will grow to be a little protector of your home. Many dogs will not hesitate to put themselves in between you and various perceived dangers. While some dogs may not be brave enough to attempt to attack an intruder, they will definitely bark like mad if they notice something or someone suspicious.

2. Dogs Are Innocent

Many owners reading this may beg to differ due to the various antics their dog partakes in but bear with me. In general, dogs are innocent in the sense that unlike humans there is no ulterior motive. There is no faking of their emotions. They genuinely want to see you happy and know when they have done things to make you upset. All they want to do is to play with you, eat, sleep, jump around and greet you when you get home.

There’s an abundance of happiness in that simplicity. As humans, our list of responsibilities tend to make us lead complicated lives. As such, it really helps to take some weight off your shoulders when you see your pet just enjoying the simplicity of the lives they live.

3. Helps to Promote Positive Mental Health

There’s a reason why dogs are the most commonly used emotional support pet. Science says they can help to reduce the risk of getting several mental diseases. In fact, the act of petting your pet is not only soothing to them but to your brain as well as it helps to alleviate depression and stress. Several studies have shown that owning a dog can lead to a 25% reduced risk of getting schizophrenia as well.

4. Boosts Our Physical Health

The benefits of owning a dog aren’t just limited to mental health alone. Research which was published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings demonstrated that dog ownership leads to improved heart health. A study that was conducted by the American Heart Association compared the heart health of pet owners to non-pet owners. They saw a direct correlation between heart health and dog ownership.

Researchers theorize that the reason why dog owners were in a better position to live a longer and healthier life because of improved heart health, stemmed from the fact that owning a dog led to increased physical engagement and activity such as taking them for a walk or to work up a sweat by playing with them in the yard.

5. Dogs See Us as Family, Not a Different Species

Based on the fact that we usually see our pets imitating our behaviors, such as preferring the couch as opposed to the floor, as well as getting excited when we come back home after a long day at work, we tend to believe that dogs view us as a family member. On a deeper psychological level, scientists demonstrate that indeed, dogs do in fact see us as family.

When cognitive professionals at the Emory University For Dogs subjugated dogs to an MRI scan, as to which they evaluated their brains while presenting the dogs with various odors, they noticed something startling. While some of the scents they received were from food which activated brain activity. Some of the odors were of their human companions. During the study, the scientists noticed that the dogs’ reward center in their brains demonstrated the most activity when they were given the scent of their human counterparts over food. What that indicates is that they prioritize relationships with their owners over food.