Having your own golf is a great way to elevate your game, but the process can be overwhelming the first time you buy one because there’s so much to consider. You will need to research the features of a golf cart, make arrangements for storage, know if the cart is road legal, and figure out if it will align with your budget. Throughout this article, we provide insights to help with your golf cart buying journey.

A Reason for Having One

Before you start shopping for a golf cart, you need to spend time giving thought to why you want one. After all, not everybody searching for a golf cart needs one to get to their local course. For example, some people use them to get around their neighborhood to visit shops, parks, or friends. Deciding on what your requirements are will help direct your search for a golf cart.

Set a Budget

Buying a golf cart won’t be the cheapest investment for a golfing hobby, so it’s worth setting a budget before you begin shopping around. To reduce the overall cost, you can look into buying a used golf cart. However, you should keep in mind that there’s no legal requirement to report a golf cart that has been in an accident, so you won’t have a logbook like you would with a traditional car. Therefore, buying a new golf cart from a reputable dealer will guarantee you’re getting a quality product.

Choose the Power Type

Golf carts come in different power ranges, just like traditional automobiles. Will you be searching for an electric or fuel-powered cart? How far will you need to travel on a full tank? If you choose an electric cart, which will be better for the environment, you need to figure out whether you have the means to fully charge the vehicle at home.

There are pros and cons to each power type, and the choice is ultimately yours. After all, you can even customize it, which means your needs can change after you buy the cart. For example, if you need a cart more suited to off-road, you can change over the tires.

Storage Options

After sourcing your new golf cart, you’ll need to make sure there’s somewhere secure to store it. Is there room in your garage? Will you need to hire a secure garage? If you’re storing it outside, will you need to invest in a waterproof cover? Keeping your cart safe from theft and sheltered from the elements is essential.

Road Legality

If you’re looking to ride your new golf cart to the local course, you’ll need to make sure it’s street legal. To do this, your cart will need to reach a top maximum speed of 45mph and a minimum speed of 25mph – you will need to check this with your state. Additionally, your cart will need to have mirrors, seatbelts, functional lights, a working horn, and a windshield put into it.

Outside of making alterations to your cart to make it street-legal, you will need to get a vehicle identification number (VIN) from the department of transport (DOT). The VIN allows your car’s history to be tracked in the same way a traditional car does.

Investing in a golf cart is a fantastic way to take your golf hobby to the next level, as you’ll have the freedom to visit and navigate your local golf course. Figure out why you need the golf cart and set a realistic budget before shopping around. Remember, if you want to drive your cart on the street, you’ll need to spend time making the necessary alterations, which you can find on your state’s DOT site.