Camping is truly an amazing hobby because following this lifestyle you can constantly discover new and exciting places, gain unique experiences, and also enjoy the beauty of nature, which varies in each region.

In addition, camping is also a universal hobby since you can plan a trip in different seasons. From carefree summer days camping near a pond or river to the breathtaking charm of winter landscapes, with camping you can enjoy every season and its unique picturesque.

The main thing is to prepare properly to have an unforgettable camping experience! For example, choose a tent that suits your needs and preferences since it will be your second home while camping. It is also important not to forget that camping is an all-season hobby, so it is worth trying fall and winter trips at least once. And for this, you need to look for hot tents in advance to feel comfortable and safe, regardless of the weather.

There are many alluring places to visit in the USA. After all, in every part of the country, you can find a huge number of national parks, nature reserves, and recreation areas. Some of them are open in spring and summer, while others welcome guests all year round. Therefore, you can always find an interesting option and book your spot.

Let’s take a look at some of the stunning camping locations in the Northeastern US you can visit for an ultimate camping experience!

Keuka Lake State Park

This park is located in upstate New York. One of its main landscape features is the vineyard-covered slopes, which, together with the surrounding ponds and blue sky, create a beautiful ambiance for recreation and enjoying nature.

There are plenty of trails for visitors to explore, as well as lakes for swimming, boating, or fishing. Plus, this location is among the best fishing spots in northern New York. Therefore, if you like to stay in nature combined with outdoor activities, then Keuka Lake is the perfect place to visit!

In addition, the park allows you to camp with your pets, and there are also spots for RV camping. The average price for renting a site varies between $18-$25.

Brialee Family Campground

The very name of this place suggests that this campground is an excellent spot for family camping. Brialee is located in Ashford, Connecticut.

A wide range of entertainment and amenities are available to visitors here, making this place one of the best locations if you like to relax in nature and at the same time enjoy amenities, which is also an advantage when planning a camping trip with children.

In addition to hiking trails and lakes where you can go fishing or boating, Brialee also features a swimming pool, playground, and mini golf. As a bonus, the campground often hosts various themed weekends and events, so you definitely won’t get bored here!

When planning a trip to Brialee, you can take your pets with you. It is also possible to book RV camping here. The campground price range is usually between $25-$300.

Buttonwood Campground

This campground is located in Pennsylvania and is another amazing place for a family vacation. Here, in addition to nature and hiking, many different activities are available to visitors, including movie nights, hayrides, and arts and crafts. There is also a playground and children can participate in various interesting activities. So, when visiting Buttonwood, the whole family will find something to do here!

The campground is located among the mountains and along the river, which means you will also get a pleasant visual experience and will be able to enjoy nature away from noisy cities. Combined with the many activities available, Buttonwood is a great spot to visit if you’re looking to both spend time in nature and try something new and exciting!The campsite is pet-friendly and offers a variety of overnight accommodation options. The price range varies between $50-$200.

Brendan Byrne State Forest

This campsite is located in Woodland, New Jersey, more specifically in the Pine Barrens. Thanks to its location, Brendan Byrne is a truly picturesque place with stunning scenery and an environment filled with sandy soils and acidic waters in addition to the variety of flora and fauna that you can discover here.

Plenty of activities are available to visitors here, including hiking, biking, and boating, as well as educational programs where you can learn more about the nature and history of the region while walking.

As with other locations, you can also visit this place with animals. Additionally, Brendan Byrne has several camping options available so it’s a pretty versatile option when it comes to budget. Thus, the price range for booking a spot varies between $3-$150.

Cathedral Pines Campground

This spot can be found in Eustis, Maine. The campground is located near the Canadian border (~30 miles) and is surrounded by stunning forest landscapes. One of the hallmarks of these forests is the tall red pines, which give this place a unique charm.

A variety of activities are available to visitors to Cathedral Pines. Here, you can walk along the many trails to explore the environment, go canoeing or kayaking, play volleyball, or simply enjoy time in nature near bodies of water. As a bonus, there is a golf course not far from the campground.

At the campsite, you can stay with your pets and make a fire. Also, you can book a spot for RV camping here. The average price range for renting a site is $40-$50.