For golfers seeking to take their game to the next level, there are many excellent resources available to help improve different aspects of their play. Whether you need help with your swing, short game, course management, or the mental side of golf, the following six resources offer invaluable advice and training for golfers who are serious about sharpening their skills.

Putting Shark

One of the best ways to quickly lower your scores is to improve your putting. PuttingShark is a website completely dedicated to helping golfers master this crucial skill. The site provides putting tips from both instructors and golf enthusiasts, reviews of the latest putters and accessories, and mental strategies for becoming confident on the greens. It is a community dedicated to the world of golf.

RotarySwing Golf Instruction

For golfers struggling with their full swing mechanics, RotarySwing provides an impressive library of online video lessons. Their instructors use super slow-motion video analysis to break down each phase of the swing in fine detail. This makes it easy to pinpoint flaws and work on making improvements. RotarySwing has programs tailored to everyone from beginners learning fundamentals to advanced tournament players fine-tuning their technique. Their videos can help correct slicing, add distance, and achieve greater swing consistency.

Dave Pelz Short Game School

Dave Pelz is one of the world’s foremost experts when it comes to chipping, pitching, and bunker play. His short game schools provide in-depth training on all the finesse shots golfers face inside 100 yards from the green. The schools utilize video swing analysis, group clinics, private instruction, and extensive practice time focusing on short game fundamentals. Golfers leave the schools with a sharpened ability to get up and down quickly and a strategy for managing different short game scenarios.

GolfTEC Lessons

For golfers who prefer hands-on professional instruction, GolfTEC provides cutting-edge swing analysis and coaching at over 200 locations nationwide. Their Certified Personal Coaches utilize video, motion measurement, club-fitting tools, and other technological teaching aids to build an optimal game for each student. The highly trained coaches can tailor instruction for seniors, women, juniors, beginners, or tour players. GolfTEC’s approach develops repeatable swing technique along with skills for course management and mental performance.

The Grint App

One way for golfers to track their improvement is by analyzing their performance using The Grint app. This free app allows you to easily keep score, get yardages, and track detailed shot-by-shot statistics during your rounds. Over time, you can compare averages for driving distance, greens in regulation, putts per round, and more. The app also has a handicap tracker and estimates your handicap index as you log more rounds. Reviewing your stats helps measure progress in different parts of your game.

Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game

No golfer can reach their full potential without improving the six inches between their ears. Dr. Joseph Parent’s book Zen Golf helps golfers master their mental game through focusing techniques, visualization, and strategies for awareness and self-reflection during play. By enhancing concentration skills and reducing the mental errors caused by frustration, doubt, and loss of focus, the book teaches golfers how to reach a peak mental state essential for playing in “the zone.”

There are many outstanding ways for dedicated golfers to hone their skills and lower their scores. By taking advantage of analysis tools, professional instruction, mental strategies, short game schools, and golf-specific training aids, you can make measurable strides in improving every aspect of your game. Whether online or in-person, the wide variety of teaching resources available will help you gain consistency, confidence, and ability out on the course.