Do you ever wish that you could look like the top celebrities of today? Of course, you do – everyone wants to emulate some of the most amazing stars in Hollywood and the key players on the sports fields of the world. You might think that you need the fortune to look as incredible as they do, but this isn’t the case. Indeed, with the right steps and the key points in place, you are going to look just as spellbinding as them. Here are some of the possibilities that you must consider to get this right.

The Right Workout Routine

One of the key aspects of looking like a celebrity is having the right body. Even celebrities that are renowned for having a larger shape like Rebel Wilson are now pushing to get in shape either for their health or aesthetic purposes to claim more roles. While the dad bod has become popular in recent years, nothing beats the perfectly sculpted muscular figure that seems to capture the look of the ancient gods.

With superheroes now all the rage across the silver screen, a lot of male celebrities are being pushed to put on more muscle mass and look like the ultimate specimen. Marvel, in particular, is famous for transforming celebs like Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth and Paul Rudd. How they do this isn’t fully known but it’s easy to make some educated guesses.

First, many male celebs do have a personal trainer. You might assume a personal trainer is beyond your budget, but you would be surprised. Online PTs are more affordable and thanks to the coronavirus outbreak, desperate for work. As well as this there are apps that will allow you to regulate your own fitness routine.

However, it is key that you are working out the right way. If you have a slender figure then you can’t do a high-intensity workout because you’ll start burning muscle instead of fat. Alternatively, if you are already overweight, then you won’t benefit from the famous 90-second workout used by top athletes. There’s plenty of research on this online. You will also need to select the right type of training depending on where you want to improve.

Getting Your Diet Right

If you are looking to build muscle then you need to have the right diet. One of the mistakes that people make is thinking that they need to cut down on their intake. Not true – celebrities like Dwayne Johnson eat a ridiculous amount every day to maintain their level of muscle mass. Celebrities like Chris Hemsworth have regularly complained about what they need to do to keep up the figure of the ‘god of thunder.’ It takes a lot of work and that includes calorie counting as well as eating an incredible amount of protein. You can find diets online designed for building up muscle or losing weight. Again, this will depend on the starting point of your body.

Of course, you will find there are numerous fad diets that are recommended online. One of the most popular diets currently is the liquid diet but this will only be useful if you make sure that you are being incredibly careful with your intake.

Some people do benefit from options like the Atkins diet. Low in carbs and high in protein, this diet is ideal for packing on the muscle, building up your six-pack and getting toned. You can learn about the Atkins diet on

Don’t Forget The Facial Hair

Many male celebrities are known for the look of their facial hair. Some men can’t grow beards while others have thick beards that look incredible. Facial hair is often associated with manliness, dominance or even high levels of fertility. However, you do need to make sure that you are styling your facial hair the right way. From full-grown beards to goatees and grading, there are lots of different options here. If you look at famous men you will see that they all have their own preference when it comes to facial hair. Some men like Chris Evans prefer to cover as much of their face as possible when they are not working. Others opt for the clean-shaven look. Be aware that once you start growing a beard, it does require a lot of grooming to keep it neat, tidy and stylish. From oils to combing and shampoos there’s certainly a variety of different products to explore here. Beard grooming will also depend on key unique variables like a race so you might want to explore a site like for tips on African American facial hair.

The Perfect Cut

While you’re thinking about your facial hair, you should consider getting the right hair cuts. Be aware that the trending haircuts for men change constantly. One month you could be in style with the look of your hair and the next perhaps not. If you explore guides online, you will find the most popular cuts of the day. Alternatively, you can explore the dos that celebrities are rocking throughout the year. Make sure that you choose a celeb who resembles you in some way including having the same face shape. Remember, not every hairstyle is going to match every man.

What about if you are losing your hair? This is a problem a lot of celebrities are facing. Henry Cavil, Ben Affleck, John Travolta and David Beckham. Have you been fooled into thinking they have long, thick locks? Of course, because there are numerous ways to deal with this problem. Hair transplants have become more popular. There are also medicines that can help your hair grow and there’s even the option of wearing a toupee. Ben Affleck is famous for wearing a toupee in numerous films including Justice League. Of course, some celebs just roll with the change and embrace it to a stunning effect like Samuel L Jackson and Jason Statham.

Clothes Are Key

It’s important that celebrities look trendy. Indeed, they need to be the epitome of modern style and it’s not always clear what this is. Fashion is constantly changing and if you want to look like the celebrities you need to keep up with these new developments. Of course, some choices here are obvious. For instance, every man should own at least one pair of Jordan’s. These do sell out in minutes after they are released, particularly the popular designs. Speaking of sneakers, chunky trainers are back on trend right now such as the designs from Fila and Adidas. Yes, we’re back in the nineties.

Other trends that will never fade are leather jackets. Whether you opt for faux leather or the real deal, these expensive items from designs like Tommy Hilfiger should be in your wardrobe and part of your collection.

Although you do need to make sure that you are choosing clothes that match your body shape. This is just as important for men as it is for women.

Accessories With Attitude

Last but not least, celebrities always invest in the best and latest accessories. You should be doing the same. If you can afford it, it’s definitely worth investing in a Rolex. If you can’t take a trip to China. There are high-quality knock offs. You’d be amazed how many celebrities have been caught with accessories that aren’t actually authentic.

We hope this helps you find the inspiration that you need to get the awesome style of celebrities. With these key points, you are sure to successfully embellish the look of Hollywood, the silver screen and the stars that walk among us.