Latvia is a beautiful country with plenty to see and do, whether you’re in Riga or one of the smaller towns around Latvia. You’ll find a variety of casinos in Riga, as well as in nearby cities like Ventspils and Durbe, so be sure to check out this guide before you head out on your next European casino holiday!

About Your Trip to Latvia

Latvia is one of the smallest countries in Europe, and because of its small size, it makes sense to try and see as much as possible while you’re there. You can even take a train from Riga to Vilnius, which only takes a few hours.

During your trip to and from Latvia, and in and around the area, you can play casino games on your laptop or smartphone. After all, since it’s a casino trip, you don’t have to limit yourself to playing in person. There are plenty of exciting games that you can play at any time, such as Aviator. This is one of the most popular online slots at the moment⎯it’s extremely fun and is just as good as playing a slot at an actual casino.

As for traveling and playing within Latvia, if you want some tips for what things should be on your itinerary when visiting, read on!

The Casino Riga

First things first, this is a casino holiday. So, at the top of the list should be the Casino Riga. This casino is located in the heart of Riga and is open 24 hours a day. The casino has a hotel attached to it, as well as a theatre where live shows take place every evening. There is also a VIP room for high rollers and an entertainment sports bar with billiards and table tennis tables that are free to use for all customers.

The Casino Riga has been open since 1994 and has grown into one of the top casinos in Europe due to its high standards and excellent service. The casino features both luxuriously designed VIP rooms and more intimate spaces for those looking for a more relaxed setting. Make sure you check out one of the live shows in the attached theatre if you’re looking for some extra entertainment during your trip.

The casino offers great deals on food and drinks at their restaurant, as well as having plenty of slot machines available if you’d rather play those. If you’re looking for somewhere nearby to go after you’ve had too much fun gambling, consider stopping by one of the many bars located just outside the building⎯they’re all within walking distance from one another, so no need to worry about getting lost.

The Casino Park

The Casino Park is located in the center of Riga, which makes it a great place to start your visit. It has a fantastic view of the sea and a nice selection of slot machines. If you’re looking for something more exciting, there’s also a live roulette table where you can play against other players or the house.

And if you want to grab something to eat or drink before or after your game, there are several restaurants and bars nearby that offer everything from traditional Latvian cuisine to Mediterranean-style dishes and cocktails with local ingredients⎯like berries from the forests surrounding Riga.

You can also soak up some sun on the beach while enjoying drinks at one of the many bars or restaurants that are located right next door.

Where to Go in Latvia Other Than the Casinos

If you want to know what there is to do in Latvia besides gambling at its casinos, here are some suggestions

  • Visit museums such as Riga Castle or the National Museum of Art “Ādolfs Alunans”. They’re both located in the Old Town (Vecrīga) district, which is also where most of the city’s major attractions are found so it won’t hurt to spend some time here exploring them all!
  • If architecture interests you then make sure not to miss Cathedral Square (Doma laukums), Freedom Monument, and House of Blackheads⎯these three sites represent Latvian history and their architectural style dates back centuries!
  • Visit the resort town of Jurmala and experience the gardens and beautiful views that draw in tourists from all over Europe.

Latvia is one of the most underrated and beautiful travel destinations in Europe. Don’t miss out on the other sites during your casino trip!