If you have recently sold your home and you are looking to move onto pastures new, your mind might already be looking to moving day. When you move home, you can become stressed and risk losing the feeling of excitement when moving to bigger and better things. It can be daunting to have to fill in ridiculous amounts of forms and apply for that all-important mortgage. Most of the time, when we move home, we are seeking a larger property, and we are looking to scale the property ladder. This can help us make a sound investment choice for our brood. Moving house is rife with potential pitfalls. Read on to avoid these three pitfalls of house moving.

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Just because you have a mortgage currently and you have never missed a payment, don’t assume that you can apply for a little more money to be added onto your home loan to fund your move to a more expensive property. You will still have to go through the same affordability checks as any applicant. It pays to shop around to find the most preferential rate. Perhaps you are keen to source a fixed rate for a little added security in more volatile economic times. However, don’t forget trackers and offset mortgages as well. Ensure that you avoid the pitfall of not being able to secure a mortgage. Keep your spending restrained, don’t miss a credit card payment and don’t venture into your overdraft for at least six months before you apply for a new home loan.

Moving Day

Don’t leave it too late to book your professional movers to drive your goods and belongings to your new pad. Leave it too long, and you could be forced to go with a company that doesn’t have a sound reputation. Instead, look well in advance and pencil in a date with a firm renowned for their positive feedback, care when transporting goods and available extras such as packing services. Phone up a week before your moving date and ensure everything is still all booked. On moving day you will already be stressed enough checking your bank account and waiting for your solicitor to call. Ensure your packing and moving isn’t adding to your worries.

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Don’t List High

If you have found your dream property and you have had an offer accepted, all should be well. However, if you have a home to sell and you are pricing too high to try and make more cash, you run the risk of it stagnating. Listing too high is a waste of time. For months your pad will languish with no interest. Instead, to sell quickly, list at a sensible price, and be ready to move. House chains can be long, so don’t be the thorn in everyone’s side. The chances are your dream home vendors may relist to keep the chain from breaking down.

Moving home can be a busy period in your life. However, with any luck, you can follow this guide to ease your stress. Avoid the pitfalls, and you won’t have to worry about house moves ever again.