When you design and build your home, it is difficult to know if you can include certain things like masculine barn doors. At any rate, just because you are a guy who lives alone does not mean you don’t want to make your home attractive and add interesting decor and art. This is why these types of large doors, paired with the appropriate barn door track hardware, can be ideal to make your masculine home look more manly.

The truth is that barn doors are all the rage right now, but can they be the right design element for your space? To best answer this question, we need to talk about functionality and appeal.

Fad or Good Design?

We’ve seen the barn door look come into play for about ten years now, and while magazines the world over continue to tell us that it is a fad that is going out of style, there are countless new designs been used with the barn doors.

Regardless of decor style, barn doors are very functional and offer alternatives and solutions to a variety of decor problems. They primarily function well in place of pocket doors and are a much sturdier option. Barn doors offer a construction solution and can go into those places where there is limited wall space.


Although barn doors look heavy and big, they are installed on a track so they are lightweight and do not need to be pushed or pulled. This makes it an ideal option for a man of all ages.

Another functional feature of the barn door is that it does not require a lot of space to open or close. The barn door essentially allows you to make the most of your square footage. You can do things like divide a large room into two practical living spaces.

The Different Types of Barn Doors

There are three different types of barn doors:

  • The bi-parting doors
  • Single
  • Bypass doors

Because of the variety, you can do many things with spaces in your home. The sliding barn door offers a strong masculine appearance but it works on smaller or standard door openings. These doors can open to one side and overlap one another.

They Are Charming

Barn doors are cool, but they are also functional. Barn doors make a door interesting and charming. Plus, you can customize them to the style of your home.

These Are Attractive Doors

There are a ton of design options and many more sliding hardware options to make that room, entryway, or division look more masculine and elegant. Choose from a classic door to an elaborate work of art. Barn doors come in all shapes and sizes.

Choose one that is built or make your own custom doors. You can even take an antique door and hang it like a barn door. Pair the doors in the room with artistic pieces and you have a very masculine and beautiful home.

These are just a few ways that you can make a barn door the focal point of your room:

  • Hang as the entry to your special room
  • As a focal point to the living area of your home
  • As a closet or pantry door
  • Bathroom doors
  • Laundry room doors

As you can see, there are many ways to make barn doors attractive in your man cave or manly home. You can even use barn door hardware to hold short doors to cover entertainment areas such as hanging TVs.

The truth is, barn doors fit easily in many spaces and add visual interest to any area of the home. However, if you are considering a barn door as a decorative and functional accessory for your home, you should keep a few things in mind. First, you want to make sure you have adequate hardware and support. The rail system needs to be fastened with studs. You need to ensure that the track is not pre-drilled so you can drill the track to fit the studs in your home.

Secondly, measure the barn door is about 1 ½ inches wider than the door opening on each side. The top side will also be ½ inch larger than the door opening.

Many Options

While you can make a barn door from almost any type of door or even make your own custom design, you also must know that there is a vast array of barn door hardware as well. You add something like the traditional classic style hardware to hardware that is very elaborate and encases the door to make it a work of art.