Owning a new home can be overwhelming, even if it isn’t your first time with a mortgage. One of the struggles I encountered after buying our condo was getting all of the appliances and smart devices setup. We weren’t sure what to get, so we needed some help–enter help from Best Buy’s In-Home Consultation team.

What is Best Buy’s In-Home Consultation (IHC)?

Best Buy In-Home Consultation (IHC)

When you are struggling with exactly what you need for your home, allow Best Buy to help guide you in the right direction. Their highly trained team of In-Home Advisors will meet you in your home to answer any questions you might have about Wi-Fi, smart devices, appliances, home theater, and more, all for free! After discussing your needs and goals for your home, they will provide recommendations and a plan to get you the right solution.

How Best Buy’s In-Home Consultation Works

The process is simple and comes with absolutely no obligation to the consumer. So don’t feel pressured you have to pay for anything upfront. It is a FREE consultation, after-all.

  1. Sign up by scheduling a consultation
  2. A member of the IHC team will visit your home to begin your consultation and show you how Best Buy can help
  3. Post consultation is where the fun begins. Your IHC team member will provide you with a customized plan for the work discussed
  4. If you like the plan tailored to you, then your advisor will order products and schedule all deliveries and installations.

3 Products Best Buy In-Home Consultation (IHC) Can Help With

Tech is changing almost daily, so allow the pros at Best Buy to guide you through the vast world of products available to make your home the very best it can be. Here are a few examples of products where the IHC team can guide you and provide their professional knowledge on how they will benefit you and your family.

eero – Pro Mesh WiFi System

Internet is a vital part of how I’m able to work from home. If I didn’t have it, well, I would be going into an office job. Since the condo, my wife and I bought is around 1,700 sq. Ft., we had to make sure that our connection extended throughout our entire home. To do this, we needed something like Eero, a WiFi system with TrueMesh technology that provides reliable performance and extends your network. It’s ideal for any home with 3-5 rooms.

Eero is a great WiFi extender

Ring Video Doorbell

Need to know who’s at your door? The Ring Video Doorbell has got you covered. You can check via your smart display, TV or phone thanks to its 1080 wide-angle video. This was one of the first things I purchased after buying my home.

Ring Doorbell

GE Profile Series Double Electric Convection Wall Oven

The GE Profile Series Double Electric Convection Wall Oven is the perfect kitchen appliance for those that love to cook. We are in the market for a new oven, and this is at the top of our list.

GE Profile Wall Oven

This post is sponsored by Best Buy. All opinions are my own.