The start of the year is full of motivation, where most of us plan on making changes that will benefit us for the year ahead and more. Making certain changes can require a lot of courage at the time, but looking back are often the turning points in life where things start making changes for the better. Here are a few cool and courageous ways you can change your life.

Man happy

Change your career

We spend a massive portion of our lives in the workplace, so if your job makes you miserable then it really is a big deal. However, changing jobs can be incredibly scary- life-altering in fact. It can take a lot of bravery to say ‘I’m not happy doing this’ and then take steps to make changes. Changing careers often involves starting from scratch, either in education or right at the bottom of the career ladder. It will mean a huge cut in pay which again will impact the rest of your life. But it could be the best thing you ever do, you could reach your true potential and achieve goals you aspired to in your more ambitious younger years. Whether you want to study astronautical engineering, train to be a vet, start your own business or anything else in between, the sky’s the limit. Spend some time planning out how you will go about this, for example if you need to go back into full time education it might make sense to move to a cheap house share for a few years where your bills will be much lower. Maybe you have savings you could fall back onto to get you through while you work up the career ladder. There might be grants, loans and other help available to you as well so do your research.

End your unhappy relationship

There are lots of reasons people stay in relationships, even if they know they’re not truly happy. They don’t want to upset the other person by leaving, they’re comfortable and it’s easier to stay than leave, or they’re reliant on their partner in some way such as financially which would make it hard for them to split. These aren’t good reasons to be in a relationship with someone, and if you know you’re not happy then making the decision to go your separate ways could be a good one. It’s important to remember here that every couple has their ups and downs, things aren’t perfect all the time and you might go through some rough patches that can be resolved. But if you’ve been unhappy for some time, or know that the love has gone then calling it quits is healthy for both you and your partner. It can be a difficult time breaking up, but both of you can go on in future to meet people that you are more suited to and happier with. Have a really honest conversation with your partner about how you feel and go from there. If you’re sure you want to end things, don’t be talked or guilt tripped back into staying because it will only prolong the inevitable.

Get fit

Health is so important, we only get one body so it’s important to look after it well. However, life can often take over and we can fall into a rut of not eating well and not moving enough. If your bmi isn’t considered ‘normal’ for your height or you’re just feeling sluggish and not at your best, then really make an effort to improve your health. Join the gym or a local sports team. Start meal planning and get serious about your diet, you don’t need to give up everything you enjoy but being organised will help you to make better decisions where you’re not resorting to convenience foods. If you’re badly out of shape or a total beginner to fitness then this step can feel incredibly daunting, but is a move that will improve your life in so many ways. You’ll look better, feel better and even live longer.

Buy a house or make an investment

We all work hard for our money, and so want to ensure that we’re using it in the best way. With low wages and high costs of living, sometimes even getting by can be a struggle and if you’re feeling like this, know that you’re not alone. However, if you are in a position where you can save a little, making an investment or a large purchase like a house is a smart move. It really improves your financial situation and overall security.