Quite often, when teaching kids about careers, we often think about office-based jobs or ones based in one location, what we don’t often think about is a career that offers a little bit more freedom. So why not consider a job driving, you can be out and about and get a real sense of freedom that a typical desk job would deny you. Let’s look at some of the different types of job you can get using your driving skills.

Driving Career

Taxi Driver Or Chauffeur

This is probably the most common type of job you would think of when people talk of a job that involves driving. Transporting passengers around is not the most high profile or highest paid job in the world, but you do get to meet a variety of people and have exciting conversations while being outside and traveling around.

Becoming a taxi driver - driving careers

Race Car Driver

Here is one that is a dream of so many youngsters, and it is not an easy profession to get a foothold in. Being in a sports competition is fierce, and you would need to begin young, putting in as many hours of practice as you possibly can do. Most kids start out karting and progress from there, as there are many different types of racing and even different vehicles, cars, bikes, etc.

Driving Instructor

Everyone needs to learn to drive at some point, and it stands to reason that there must be a person there to teach them. This is an excellent job as it combines driving and teaching, so you get to pass on your skills and help a lot of people gain an invaluable life skill that will be good for them throughout their whole life. Many driving instructors are self-employed and so will require their own vehicle, which although is an expense it’s not all bad news as you would need a car anyway and it can be written off as a taxable business expense. You should ensure you have a good and professional looking car as it will advertise your business as well as being a tool, use car finance comparison to find a good deal.

Truck Driver

If you like to travel around the country, you could do worse than looking at the option of being a long distance truck driver. You will have the opportunity to go anywhere, and it’s a skill and qualification that can be used even if you move to another part of the country or even abroad.


If you want to set your sights a little higher than you could consider being a pilot. OK, it’s not technically a driving job, but I thought to throw this in as it’s not too dissimilar and is undoubtedly a perfect career. You can travel the world while making a high salary with fantastic benefits, and it’s a job that many doing it have a real passion for, and there are so many different types of pilots from passenger jets to small agricultural planes.