Here’s my long-awaited EverlyWell review

My 34th birthday just passed this July and with it came lots of reflection. Now six months into this global pandemic, I have found a healthy escape in books teaching me how to better my life. Everything from learning how to invest in real estate to biohacking my body to become Super Human.

I plan on writing a more comprehensive article about my favorite books I read in 2020, but for now, you can find a list of the ones I recommend on Amazon. (updated monthly)

EverlyWell Review

While reading through Super Human, Dave Asprey recommends various products he personally uses. One of which is EverlyWell, a health and wellness company that provides at-home lab testing kits and digital results within just a few days. They offer an assortment of different tests, now even offering at-home COVID-19 Tests. Here are a few other example tests you can do at home:

These are just a few of the tests EverlyWell offers. You can find the entire list here.

Everlywell Review

I decided to try their Food Sensitivity Test because I was curious to see which foods affect me the most. I’ve noticed that as I’ve gotten older I have developed different sensitivities to the more acidic foods than before. The results were quite surprising, but before I get into that let me tell you about the experience.

How EverlyWell works

1. Order your test

The process of using the at-home tests from EverlyWell is pretty straightforward. After placing my order I received my lab kit in the mail a week or so after. Could have been sooner, but didn’t really keep track of timing (sorry).

2. Collect a blood sample

Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it may sound. I know a lot of you out there don’t do well with needles, and I’m one of them, but I assure you the blood sample collection is easy and painless. EverlyWell provides you with everything you need to collect your sample. Watch the video below and see how it’s done.

3. Send off your sample and wait

Now that you have collected your sample and boxed it up, you need to send it off to the lab. An independent board-certified physician will review your results. That’s pretty much it. I received an email within a week that my results were ready for viewing. I couldn’t wait to dive into the results!

Food Sensitivity Test Results

What’s tested? The lab test measures your immune system’s IgG reactivity to foods. This will help you choose which foods you need to start eliminating from your diet. If you’re looking to see which foods you’re allergic to, this is not the test for you. However, I’ve found that the results can give you good enough information about what you should or shouldn’t be eating. Food allergies are mediated by a different antibody called IgE.

EverlyWell Results

When you first open your results page you will be presented with the number of foods your IgG has reactivity to. In my case, my number was 15. Lucky for me I didn’t have any of those foods on the High Reactivity list, which would most certainly need to be eliminated from my diet.

EverlyWell Reactivity

The above shows an example of what you will be presented with for information about the food you’re IgG is being affected by. As I previously mentioned, none of the foods checked showed up under High Reactivity for me, so I’m focusing on the moderate level. It appears I should be more aware of my consumption of egg whites. I am going to slowly work those into my elimination diet and try to find alternatives.

My EverlyWell Review Conclusion:

I hope my EverlyWell review helps you in your decision of trying one of their at-home test kits. Now more than ever it’s important to know exactly what is going on with your body, especially if making it out to your doctor isn’t an option during the pandemic.

So what’s next? I think I’m going to test out one of their at-home COVID-19 tests. Neither my wife nor I have been tested for COVID-19 yet, so I think getting two of their tests to take from home would be great. We are limiting the number of reasons we leave the house, even if it were to get tested.

Head over to EverlyWell and grab a kit today!