Finding the perfect gift for anyone can be a big challenge. Each individual has their personal preferences, and popular trends can quickly change to give way to something else.

But there are some gifts that will always bring satisfaction and appreciation no matter who you are gifting them to. Custom bobblehead dolls are one of those universally coveted gifts. From the 1800s till today, bobblehead dolls have been captivating collectors for a few glorious centuries.

How Are Custom Bobblehead Dolls Crafted?

There are various online stores dedicated to the creation of custom bobblehead dolls. You have to submit pictures of the person you are gifting it to; it could be your friends, family, or even yourself.

Once you have submitted the picture, you have to choose a figure and a pose among the thousands of options available on the website. After that, the artists will create the bobblehead design and will keep editing it until you are satisfied with the design. Then your custom bobblehead doll will be shipped to your residence.

The entire process takes about five or six weeks only.

Things to Remember While Buying Customized Bobblehead Dolls

There are a few important corollaries to be mindful of when you are buying custom bobblehead dolls as gifts. You have to think about the design, the cost, the occasion for which you would be using it, and also how to care for them after buying.

  • When you are overseeing the design, make sure you get the design just right. Keep pushing the concerned artist until you get the expected precision from head to toe.
  • Make sure you are picking a template that is appropriate for the occasion. For example, you cannot pick the same bobblehead template for your boss and your mother-in-law.
  • Make sure you buy premium quality custom bobblehead dolls that are made with non-toxic, durable, and industrially certified materials.
  • Regarding the question of add-ons like tattoos, helmets, sunglasses, and such, there are various websites that will not charge any additional fee for this. Make sure you order your dolls from such websites.
  • While bobbleheads may appear to be very sturdy, they are actually quite fragile. Hence, you need to make adequate arrangements for their protection. You can keep them in their original cardboard boxes, which do not cost you any extra money, or you can buy individual cases with UV protection if you want foolproof security.

Why Customized Bobblehead Dolls Are A Perfect Gift Idea

The appeal of custom bobblehead dolls lies in their versatility. They are appropriate gifts for virtually any occasion and could be given to anyone.

They are especially important for workplaces, where usually the most you know about a person is their work image. Custom bobblehead dolls are the right mixture of formal and fun and would give your co-workers something they can really have a laugh about and brighten the mood of the workplace. With bobblehead dolls, you can also go a long way in impressing your boss.

Similarly, custom bobblehead dolls are a nice idea for an anniversary gift or for the birthday of your partner. They are romantic and meaningful and can be looked upon as relationship memorabilia.

Final Thoughts

A custom bobblehead doll might initially sound like an odd gift if you haven’t used them before. But once you discover how these inexpensive little gifts can bring joy to your loved ones and are ideal for any occasion, you are likely to buy one for yourself too. The next time you struggle to find the perfect gift, go for custom bobblehead dolls.