Men are not always the best when it comes to choosing ideal gifts for women. Of course, each case can be looked at individually, but when it comes to weddings, all women enjoy being spoiled, even the bridesmaids! It’s not a topic often spoken about, but for wedding gift ideas and hen party ideas, there are some ways to make the women involved feel extra special. So let’s take a look at some exciting and interesting gift ideas!

  1. Bridesmaid robes – every bride to be likes to celebrate her special day with a girly day or evening. Bridal robes are lovely practical, and pretty. It’s a gift that can be worn by all the ladies at the party as well as an item they can keep for posterity after the big day! Have them embossed or personalized, and it will make it extra special!
  2. Slippers – a lovely companion to the above gift, some soft slippers will be a nice gift for the ladies, they’re warm, snuggly, fun and again can be personalized to make it such a sweet gift idea for ladies!
  3. Candles – they are always a great gift idea, they are personal but not too much and come in such a variety of scents and colors, some of them specifically relating to weddings and bridal themes which make it a great thoughtful gift, especially for the cooler winter months! After all, ladies love a wine night with plenty of cozy essentials!
  4. Champagne glass – it’s a real token gift that is a brilliant idea to show the sentiment of celebration. It’s also a lovely thing to keep afterward for all guests, to show that they too have plenty to celebrate afterward also!
  5. Notepad and pen set – this is such a practical gift for ladies. They often love to make lists and notes, and it is both practical and fun. They can be used at work on their desk, at home on their sideboard or kept in their cars, it’s a multi-purpose gift which can still look incredibly stylish.
  6. Personalized keyrings – what better way for a bridesmaid to remember such a momentous occasion than to have it forever on a keyring! It is inexpensive also, which is a huge bonus.
  7. Spa day – for a more luxury gift if you’re wanting to splurge a little, is plan to have your bridesmaids/ladies sent to a beautiful day spa somewhere local to pamper them for the big day!
  8. Phone case – why not have personalized phone cases made for the girls to use on the big day! It can be a slogan relating of the big day or personalized with their names or photos of all the girls together. It’s sweet and fun for all the girls to feel united with fun phone cases!
  9. Wedding bauble – if the wedding in question is during winter, why not buy a Christmas bauble for them to hang on their tree, it’s memorable and something they can treasure every Christmas season!
  10. Personalized whiskey glasses

So whatever gift you choose for your next wedding, be sure it’s one the girls will love!