Does your mom, aunt, or sister love gardening in their spare time? If so, we have some amazing Christmas gift ideas for you today. Since we have already shared our picks for gamers this Christmas, it seemed right to cover another topic and give you some more helpful ideas for your family and friends.

Here are some great gift ideas for anyone who loves to get green fingered and spend time in the garden this year.

A herb garden kit

One of the more fun gifts you can buy for a gardening enthusiast this Christmas is a herb garden kit. You can find kits like these online which will include the planters as well as seeds for some popular herbs. The great thing about this is your recipient can choose whether to grow their herb garden in the kitchen or out in the garden. And of course once the herb plants are growing, they can be used in dishes to make the most amazing fresh flavours. This is ideal for anyone who loves to garden as well as cook.

A gardening book

An oldie but a goodie, if you want to give someone a fun gardening related gift that is also super useful – a gardening book with an encyclopedia of plants is ideal. this will allow them to identify their Burdock from their thistles and will also allow them to identify any random plants that start growing in their garden. It’s a great tool for a gardener and it will also offer information about growth and climate needed for different plants that can ultimately drive the theme of the garden.

Gardening gloves

One simple and effective gardening gift you can get for someone is a good pair of gardening gloves. Gardening gloves are a super important part of the gardening process because they will protect the hands from thorny bushes or from plants that have a sting such as nettles. With proper gloves your family member will have no issues yanking out unwanted weeds and making room for stunning plants in their garden.

Some pretty planters

For an aesthetic and practical gift this Christmas, a set of planters is always a winner. Indoor or outdoor planters can be just as good as eachother and they will light up the space and display some lovely flowers. For any gardener the prospect of an empty planter gives a whole multitude of possibilities and your family member will likely have lots of fun deciding what to display in there before planting it out for all to see.

A festive poinsettia

For a Christmas planting gift, there is nothing better than a bold red poinsettia. These amazing hardy plants can be displayed inside or outside the house and all year long will dazzle with the stunning colour of their leaves and flowers. Pairing a poinsettia with a lovely ceramic pot is a great gift that your family member will appreciate and they will be able to enjoy having this plant on display all year long.