Have you ever wanted to get to work in style? If so, you might decide to look beyond your regular four-wheel-drive and stop looking into getting a bike. No, we are not talking about the cyclone or a pushbike, we are talking about a motorcycle. A motorbike is something that can give you an adrenaline rush, and while it’s used as a punching bag in modern society and renamed a doughnut cycle, the reality is that motorcycling is massively misunderstood. They are not as obnoxious or expensive or dangerous, and they are not necessarily too bad for the environment either.

You might need the help of a motorcycle accident lawyer should you get into an accident, but that’s no different from any other type of accident you could get into when you step into a car. So let’s take a look at why you need a motorcycle at least once in life.

  • It can be so much cheaper than driving a car. With the cost of petrol rising as fast as possible lately it may feel better and safer for you to just get a motorcycle and save yourself the money. Until you get one however, you’re not going to realize just how much money you could save. There is a lot less capacity for petrol and gas, which means you’re going to need to think about your budget in a whole new light.
  • They take up much less space. Most of the time, you’ll be able to find a parking spot at a parking lot really quickly because motorcycles are much smaller than cars or Utes. Once you have a motorcycle, you’ll be able to put yours in your garage, and still have most of your garage for other things. The smaller one also means you are zippier in transport and you’re not going to be sat in traffic for particularly long.
  • You can zip around. Motorcycles can weave in and out of traffic safely and get to the location without having to stop. As you build up confidence on the highway, motorcyclists can move into the middle of two lanes all the way to the front of the line. Cars may be stuck in traffic but you definitely won’t be.
  • You can stay away from others. Cars need to be aware of your presence on the road and you need to respect the cars on the road, but it’s the best form of social distance when you are on a motorcycle and you’re not with anybody else. All you need to have is your jacket, your helmet, your gloves and your boots so that you can be as protected as possible.
  • They are so cool. Have you ever seen somebody look anything other than awesome on a motorcycle? There’s a reason the hells angels are popular, and there is a reason that motorcycles have been known to be put into photo shoots with a sexy driver! Motorcyclists are known to be fun and Darren, so why wouldn’t you want to join that crowd?