How Content Creator Max Weisz is Surviving the Pandemic

Interview with Max Weisz of MaxNoSleeves

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Max Weisz (MaxNoSleeves) and I met many years ago in Anaheim, CA. A mutual friend of ours invited Max up to my hotel room for a drinking session while we were taking a break from the festivities happening at Vidcon, an annual YouTube convention I used to attend every year. After a few brews, we hit it off and have been good friends ever since. Since then, Max and I have partied with Bud Light on Catalina Island, toured breweries in San Diego via a fire truck, and lounged poolside in Mexico (for my wedding). Here are Max’s answers to our ‘How Content Creators Are Surviving the Pandemic‘ interview series:

How are you keeping busy during the pandemic?

Oh, I just got used to being bored out of my mind! Ha kidding but not really. My workflow is pretty similar – but my whole thing was being self-sufficient before the world fell apart. It’s really funny seeing all these talk show hosts and celebrities struggle with figuring out how to use a camera or do an IG live. For personal stuff, I only really went to the gym and the bar, so now I just workout at home … and drink at home a lot more. But now drinking home alone isn’t sad, it’s heroic.

How are you making money?

Still getting that Adsense money, still doing brand deals, still doing sponsored posts, etc, only now everything is at home. I used to be able to do appearances or host events and that’s definitely hit a full stop. It’s exciting because I feel like a lot of people are at home starving for content, so views are up – but generally, I’ve seen Adsense rates drop (significantly) and sponsorship rates drop but I think that just goes along with the rest of the economy. So that sucks…. BUT I’m just trying to use this time to get viewership up, so that if/when everything recovers, I’ll be in a better place than before.

How has your routine changed?

The items on my routine haven’t changed, but how I think and schedule my routine has changed completely. I still try to work, work out, and hang with my girlfriend. Just now it has to be a LOT more structured. I never used to schedule in quality time with my dog but I found if I didn’t put it in the calendar, I’d forget or just get lost at my laptop.

Are you diversifying your content?

I actually just started a fitness podcast called TOTAL FITHEADS! Me and my friend Ali Spagnola interview super-athletes about training, nutrition, motivation, et all. We started in January and I couldn’t have been more excited about it… but then all the gyms closed and the fitness industry got thrown into a blender (pun). But it’s like anything, we just had to pivot so now we talk about home workouts, mindset, and how to not gain that quarantine 15. The last episode we talked to a running coach who was crazy inspiring and surreal for me personally because I HATE running and never would’ve started let alone interview a running coach before COVID.

Will you continue being a content creator or go back to a traditional job?

Oh, I love being a content creator – that’ll stay the same. I’ve been through a few once in a lifetime, world-altering events that forever changed my entire universe and every time you feel like nothing will ever be the same and your life is over… but you just pick up and try to figure out where all the pieces fit and before you know it, you’ve got a whole new flow.

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