How Content Creator Tomi Adebayo is Surviving the Pandemic

Interview with Tomi Adebayo of GadgetsBoy

Location: London, England

I forget when I digitally connected with Tomi Adebayo (GadgetsBoy), but I do remember when I first met him in person. It was in Las Vegas for the 2018 JBL Fest. What an experience that was.

I reached out to Tomi for this interview series not only because I’m a huge fan of his tech content, but also because he lives in another country. I think it’s important to hear how other places are handling the global pandemic. Here are Tomi’s answers to our ‘How Content Creators Are Surviving the Pandemic‘:

How are you keeping busy during the pandemic?

I’ve been using my time to learn/pick up new skills that I’ve always wanted to but I just didn’t have the time to do before. I’ve been learning how to play the guitar. Work-wise, I’ve been using it to sort of rethink my content and what I want to do next, especially with my Instagram profile (@GadgetsBoy).

How are you making money?

I’ve been lucky that tech doesn’t stop even when the world is going through a big pandemic. Working in tech means, brands are still approaching me with content ideas and new products are coming over the next few months that I’ll also be working on. I’m basically making money by creating promotional content and also offering consultation to brands with creating the right briefs for their content creators.

How has your routine changed?

My routine has changed massively. I no longer get up super early as I used to unless I have zoom calls to attend to and I’m also going to bed at strange times as I have nothing urgent to tend to so I’ve slacked big time. Having said that though, I haven’t lost my discipline or the ability to get up at a certain time if I need to get back to my pre-pandemic routine.

Are you diversifying your content?

I have been for a while now, luckily. Although I mainly create tech content, I have been dabbling into men’s street style, and Instagram is the perfect platform to experiment with that type of content. I’ve also jumped on the TikTok (@GadgetsBoy) bandwagon and I’ve been putting together some ideas for what kind of tech content I can put on there and what might work.

Will you continue being a content creator or go back to a traditional job?

I’m a fulltime content creator and I’ll continue to be as long as technology keeps evolving and brands keep releasing new products for me to play with. YouTube itself is not as lucrative as it used to be when I started out, but it’s still helping, and now more than ever, I have put in place ways to maximize my income.

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