Whether you are married or not, when your partner falls seriously unwell, it can have a huge impact on every aspect of your life. Knowing how to cope in this kind of situation can be a complete and utter nightmare – there’s a lot of stress, worry and panic that comes with having a loved one being seriously unwell and being uncertain about what their future holds.

While you no doubt want to be there to support them in sickness and in health, that doesn’t necessarily mean that knowing how to do so will be easy. When life throws you a curveball, knowing how to cope with the situation that you have found yourself in is not always easy – in fact, it can be downright hard to cope with.

The good news is that while the situation may be serious, there are some simple steps that you can take to help make coping with the situation in which you find yourself, that little bit easier. Wondering what steps you can take to do that? Have a read of the guide below.

Continue to communicate

Both you and your partner are going through something extremely difficult and also something very unique. While you are both facing the same sad, scary situation, you are facing it from very different viewpoints. You are terrified of losing your partner, while they are probably scared for both their future and yours.

When you’re wrapped up in the situation that you are in and the awful potential that the situation holds, it is far too easy to forget to communicate with your partner. For this reason, it is essential that you take the time to talk openly and honestly about the situation. You need to understand your partner’s viewpoint as well as your own. Otherwise, your relationship may suffer as a result.

Think about your finances

While you may not want to have to focus on the financial implications of your partner being unwell, it’s something that is important to think about. Because, when you’re wrapped up in a stressful situation, such as your partner being seriously unwell, it’s far too easy to forget about the realities of daily life.

The good news is that depending on the cause of your partner being unwell, there are a number of financial support systems in place that you can take advantage of. Let’s say, for instance, your partner has childbirth injuries that have left her bed-bound and unable to work; it is possible to seek compensation for this kind of situation, the same as you could have your partner been involved in some kind of accident. If it’s an illness that your partner is suffering from, you may be able to seek financial support from a relevant charity.

Focus on love

Yes, things are different, your relationship is not like it was, however, it’s important to remember how much love there is between yourself and your partner. You met them, and fell in love, and chose to make a life together for a reason – focus on that fact and remember how much you love each other.