I don’t own a truck personally, but if I did, my first priority would be to protect the truck bed from moisture and rust. Have you ever seen a truck bed with rust? It looks like flesh-eating bacteria. Not pretty.

My first hands-on experience with a truck was when I was a kid back in New England. I would help my dad load up his Toyota Tacoma with wood for our home’s fireplace. He had a drop in bedliner that helped in theory, but was not 100% penetrable from rust and moisture. That’s where Scorpion Coatings’ Bed Liners come into the picture, as the solution to all of your truck bed needs.

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Scorpion Coatings’ Bed Liner for trucks system uses the highest quality polyurethanes to keep your truck looking new for years. Because it’s sprayed-in and not a drop-in liner, moisture and rust can’t get into small cracks or tiny holes because, well, there aren’t any.

Why Protect Your Truck Bed with Scorpion?

  • Non-Skid – It stays exactly where it should
  • Extremely Tough and Durable – Lasts the life of your truck
  • Custom Color – Not all truck beds need to look the same, so customize it
  • Texture Options – Do you want it glass smooth or aggressive? It’s your call
  • Lifetime Warranty – Because who wants to worry about replacing their bed liner?
  • Applicators in every state

Scorpion Coatings History

Since 1996, Scorpion Coatings has been the world-wide leader in truck bed liners and protective coatings. Located in central Indiana, this family owned and operated business has applicators in every state and in over 20+ countries. While their loyal customer base grows, so does their regional/international distributors.

Ready to protect your truck bed? Find a Scorpion installer near you.