There are many reasons to love summer. For one, it’s the season where you can throw together a party last minute and almost always have guests show up. This is what I did this past weekend.

The sun beaming through my bedroom window on Friday morning gave me the inspiration to spend the day outside. I called up a few friends, slipped on my swim trunks, and headed out to the pool. It was a glorious day, so I cracked open a Heineken Light, kicked back and relaxed.

The Ingredients for a Great Summer Party

Throwing a summer party together doesn’t have to be difficult, but to make sure it’s great you will need a few things. Below you will find my recipe for what I think makes a perfect day with friends. So grab your party supplies and lets get started!

Location is Key

From rooftops to backyards to picnics in the park, the location of the party is important. This can be the deciding factor for how you and your friends will eat, drink and play, so choose wisely.

I decided to kick-off the first of many “Summer Fridays” with friends at my pool. Where will you end up?

Heineken Light by the Pool

Grab a Camera, or Two

Social media has taken over everyone’s lives over the last few years. Heck, even my mom is posting to Instagram at least a few times a week. It’s a scary thing, man.

I recommend having a few different cameras at your party, so you don’t rely on just smartphones. GoPros are great for pool parties since they’re waterproof and are extremely durable. Instant cameras are an excellent choice too since your party guests will be able to walk away with something in hand.

Friends at the Party

Various Cameras for a Party

Drinks for Everyone

This is a no-brainer. Grab a cooler, fill it with tons of ice, and provide your guests with the coldest refreshments possible. I’m talking crisp, cold, low-cal Heineken Light, sodas, waters, and juice (for that one picky friend). There is nothing worse than attending a party where they lack a variety of beverages, so make sure you have a little of everything.

Don’t forget to cheers the grill master.

Sarah from and Two Pups
Sarah from and Two Pups

Food, Duh

Having the right eats can make or break a party. Depending on the location of your party, and whether or not you opted for a place that has a grill, I would recommend all of the BBQ necessities: burgers, hot dogs, chicken wings, etc. Those are always fan favorites and will make stomachs smile. Pizza is always a great choice, too, especially since there are so many great places for pizza in Houston.

Heineken Light and Buffalo Wings

Burgers and Buffalo Wings

It should go without saying that you should also have plenty of snacks that will last throughout the party: chips, dips, nuts, cheeses, etc. Put them on a table that is a good spot for mingling, so your guests can chat while they refuel.

Food and Beer Table

Hashtag It

Chances are a few of your friends, if not all of them, will be posting photos to social media of the day’s activities. Create a unique hashtag for the occasion, so that when your guests want to re-live the party at a later date, they can simply search the party’s hashtag and find all the photos.

Create a Playlist

Ok, maybe you don’t exactly need a playlist, but try to have at least some sort of music playing at your party. Trust me, it will come in handy during the awkward pauses, chip munching, and cannonballs into the pool. There’s nothing worse than when you feel like you have to make dialogue with someone because of the dead air.

All of the streaming music services available have ways of setting up a radio station that reflects the type of music you like, by artist, album or song. Let your smart device play the role as the DJ.

HEY, congrats, you now have the ingredients to throw a killer summer party! If you feel like I missed something vital, feel free to Tweet it at me: @JoesDaily – include the #SummerFridays hashtag so others can join in on your wisdom. Cheers, friends!

Heineken Light Cheers

This post was created in partnership with Heineken Light. All opinions are my own.