Within British culture, you will see a rich and varied television industry that has produced some memorable programmes across all kinds of genres. The sheer popularity of these has meant they have made the journey into other forms of media and entertainment. One development has come in iGaming, most notably in slot machines. Let’s explore how developers could use licences and elements of iconic British TV programmes and incorporate them into the next generation of slot machines.

Utilise the assets of British TV

Developers within the iGaming industry are constantly using elements of popular culture within their games. That includes many references to TV programmes. If you were to explore Paddy Power’s offering, there are games based on the likes of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and Deal or No Deal. Game shows are obvious choices, but what about other genres of British programmes? Developers could be inspired by the success of The Walking Dead slot machine and expand their range of fun online slot machine games, creating something unique in the iGaming world.

You could explore the cobbles of Weatherfield

British people love their soaps, and many would argue that Coronation Street remains one of the best. Since its first airing in 1960, we have seen over 10,000 episodes and several iconic moments that developers might wish to take advantage of. Interestingly, Corrie has already moved into those other forms of entertainment, such as the versions of Coronation Street Monopoly.

Be in an interrogation room with AC-12

Jesus, Mary and the Wee Donkey. Could a slot machine based on the iconic drama Line of Duty actually work? Since it launched on the BBC in 2012, the detective show has become hugely popular and has won numerous awards. Again, some elements could create a unique slot machine experience. You could use some of Ted Hasting’s many catchphrases, or the signs and symbols from the show. You could see the letter H used as a jackpot symbol. The dramatic theme tune could also make a great accompaniment. Unlike many TV shows, Line of Duty has yet to be licenced for use in other media. Could this soon change?

Lovely Jubbly

Only Fools and Horses is regarded as one of the greatest ever British sitcoms and is still watched and adored by millions of people, despite the last episode being broadcast in 2003. Like some programmes listed above, it eventually found its way onto other forms of media. The Nags Head Board Game was released in 2004 and was a hit with many fans. Could developers use the show’s ongoing popularity and create a slot machine?

Take advantage of popular brands

Many of the programmes listed here are popular brands. Staples of British culture, like Coronation Street, have developed passionate fanbases across the world. Developers want a ready-made base of players waiting to jump at the chance to experience their latest creation. Creating a game with links to an already successful brand can help that. Whatever they make over the next few years, the technology available to them means that new slot machines can offer gamers some truly immersive experiences in different settings. That setting could be a real-life one or something from their favourite programme.