Family on Christmas with bengal lights

For some, New Year’s Eve means heading out to a local club or bar to enjoy amazing music and banging beats at some of the city’s hippest spots. Sometimes it’s fun to get dolled up and go out with the crowds, but other years, relaxing at home with your favourite friends and family members can be much more appealing — especially if you are an introvert or simply not in the mood to brave the NYE craziness. If you are thinking of hosting a low-key gathering at your humble abode to welcome in the new year, you’ve come to the perfect place.

Today, we share 5 top tips for having a chilled-out NYE get together in the lead up to 2023. If you’re ready to usher in the new year with minimum fuss and maximum relaxation, simply read on to find out more!

1. Cook Smarter, Not Harder

Food plays an integral role in any party or get together, especially when it comes to NYE celebrations. However, if the thought of spending hours and hours toiling over a hot stove isn’t exactly your idea of a chilled out experience, we encourage you to cook smarter, not harder. Consider serving up a simple charcuterie or cheese board as an appetiser, followed by some low-effort meals that you can prepare in under an hour. You don’t have to bother too much about dessert either — just grab something from your local patisserie or supermarket if home baking isn’t on the cards. Better yet, pick and choose recipes that can be made well in advance, prepare and freeze them a week or two before the festivities. On the day of your chilled-out get together, simply reheat your dishes and hey presto, dinner is served!

Top Tip: Can’t be bothered to cook, fullstop? One of our favourite dinner party hosting hacks is none other than ordering in some of your favourite meals from a local restaurant. Whether that is an array of juicy buns from your local burger restaurant or a show stopping sushi platter to feed a crowd, outsourcing the hard work is a great way to keep things low-key, without having to sacrifice on a sumptuous dinner.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Get Festive

If there ever is a perfect time for a little bit of kitsch, New Year’s Eve is most definitely just that. With that in mind, planning a relaxed and chilled-out NYE get-together doesn’t mean that you have to forgo the classic NYE festivities. If you’re looking to truly embrace countdown into 2023, we recommend heading to your local party store and purchasing a few trinkets, party hats, streamers and goodie bags that you can hand out to your guests on the night of your event. Alternatively, New Year’s party items are extremely easy to find and order online, and are sure to make for some fun and memorable photos when everyone gets to take part in the festivities.

3. Keep Activities & Entertainment Simple

Chilled-out get-togethers are all about letting everyone relax and go with the flow. If your guests want to simply hang out and chit-chat, that’s perfect! No need to force anyone to play games or make resolutions if they’re already having a good time. However, if you want to have a few activities in your back pocket (just in case), we recommend choosing simple activities and entertainment options that will suit everyone. Board games, card games or mobile phone party games are all fantastic low-key entertainment options that guests can participate in if they so choose. Some other options include a simple NYE gift exchange (because why not?), renting a karaoke machine or even setting up a cosy bonfire in your backyard where guests can roast marshmallows, tell stories and bond with one another.

Moral of the story: At the end of the day, it’s about choosing entertainment options that don’t make your guests feel pressured into participating or cost you a ton of money and effort to execute. You know your friends and family best, so be sure to pick a few easygoing activities for all to enjoy (or not!).

4. Create A Chilled-Out Playlist

One of the most amazing things about music is that you can use it to set the tone in your home on the day of your get together. To really get your guests (and yourself) into the mood for relaxation, we recommend creating a chilled-out playlist that ebbs and flows with the night. There are many pre-made playlists that you can find on apps such as Spotify, or you can go the route of curating your perfect playlist from scratch — it’s entirely up to you.

If you’re having trouble thinking of music that will please everyone, don’t be shy to crowdsource songs with friends and family members. Simply ask your guest to send in their favourite playlists, then pick and choose songs that you like for your final selection. Once you have created your chilled-out playlist, simply connect your phone or computer to some bluetooth speakers (or your television) on the day of the event to ensure that the music continues flowing into the night.

Top Tip: Want to get everyone really excited about the countdown? We recommend picking at least one or two more up-beat songs in the lead up to the strike of midnight. It is New Year’s Eve afterall!

5. Catch The Fireworks Without The Crowd

Last but not least, it simply isn’t NYE without some bright and colourful fireworks. If braving the city crowds isn’t exactly your cup of tea, you may want to consider heading out with your guests to a nearby vantage point to experience all the sparkling glory without having to push through hordes of people. Not too interested in leaving the comfort of your home? The next best option is to catch the fireworks on TV with your beloved friends and family. Depending on where you live, most local networks will showcase fireworks and celebrations starting anywhere between 9-11pm, so be sure to check for your local broadcast times online.

Regardless of your individual preference, there are always numerous options available for anyone looking to catch the NYE fireworks. Whether that’s watching it in person or enjoying it through the television in the comfort of your own home, nothing is more magical than witnessing a breathtaking aerial spectacle while surrounded by the people you love the most.


And there you have it — 5 simple yet effective tips on how you can organise a successful chilled-out NYE get-together to ring in the new year. We hope that this article has equipped you with a few ideas on how you can transform into the coolest hostess with the mostest in the lead up to 2023, and we wish you a wonderful New Year filled with endless amounts of good health, love and success.