[Infographic] The Calorific Content of a Bachelor Party (Stag Do)

When one of your friends breaks the news that they’re tying the knot chances are you’ll think of two things; whether he’s made the right decision by choosing to spend the rest of his life with the lady whose hand he is taking in marriage, and that there is probably going to be a stag do, aka. a bachelor party for us Americans.

Gone are the days when the stag do consisted of just a few pints down the local and a curry the night before the wedding, it’s now a behemoth bringing together plenty of friends, excitement, alcohol, and fuzzy memories. With all the pints, shots, and wine comes a problem though; calories. Alcohol isn’t the only culprit either, chances are you’ll be filling your pie hole with all manner of salty, fatty, greasy fast food as the window of opportunity for eating throughout the weekend becomes smaller and smaller as the intensity and drunkenness ramps up.

We’re all seemingly more concerned about what we shovel into our bodies these days and rightly so; no man can expect to eat and drink whatever they want and not suffer the physical consequences. A lot of the guys in the Stag Company office work out and train hard, so they know more than most just how calorific a weekend away with the lads can be.

With this in mind we decided to look at the amount of calories the average man can expect to consume over the course of a stag weekend. We knew it would be a lot, which is why we split the accompanying infographic into two sections and offered some suggestions on how you can cut down on your calorie intake, as well as ways you could burn as many as possible at the same time.

Calorie Intake at a Bachelor Party - Infographic

Guest post by the guys at The Stag Company

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