Moving to Atlanta? Here are a few things you should know.

Moving to Atlanta

With a population of slightly above half a million people, this diverse city offers you everything you need both economically and socially. If your mind is set to move to Atlanta, all you need is to do your research well, and all will be okay. Although moving to a new city has its downsides, if well planned for, it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience.

One thing that may greatly simplify your moving process is having enough information, as well as hiring professional movers. You can’t afford to have a hectic process as it might spoil everything. Therefore, hiring professionals such as the Atlanta movers who know the ins and out of the city will significantly ease your moving burden.

To help you in your research here is typically everything you need to know about Atlanta before going there.

Moving to Atlanta

1. Decide Where to Live

The first thing that comes into your mind when moving into a new city is finding out exactly where you will live. In Atlanta, there are two central regions you can live in. You can decide to either to live outside the perimeter (OTP) or inside the perimeter (ITP).

The terms OTP and ITP are used to define whether you live in the suburbs or the town. When you live inside the ITP, you will enjoy the urban lifestyle, with public transport, pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods, shopping as well as cultural attractions. Also, you can enjoy the shorter commutes to and from work.

On the other hand, if you decide to live outside the perimeter (OTP), you enjoy the relatively low cost of living, including housing and food. Also, the OTP offers you a chance of being part of a community, as well as using communal facilities such as tennis courts and swimming pools.

A great public-school system is also available in the OTP zone. So, if you are a first time and want to settle in Atlanta, you can decide which area best suits you.

2. Traffic Menace

When you think of traffic, you should be prepared for a hectic one in Atlanta. With the high population and everyone rushing to reach their destinations, traffic in this beautiful city can prove to be a nightmare. Statistics show that on average, the residents will spend around 485 days commuting in their lifetime.

City of Atlanta
Credit: Ronny Sison

For this reason, if you want to be on the safe side, it would be wise to find a home that is near your workplace. Otherwise, you will have to find some interesting podcasts or mixtapes that will help you beat the everyday traffic jam.

Someone may wonder, why don’t people use the public transport system to deal with this traffic? Well, Atlanta is widely spread out which prevents the MARTA (Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority), Atlanta’s subway and bus system, to access all the places. In the end, you will still need a car.

3. Rental and Home Ownership Prices

Since you will either rent a house or outrightly own one, having to know the average cost of housing is necessary. In the recent past, the cost of housing has relatively increased in Atlanta with the average cost of rent going up to around $970 per month. If you were to buy a house, the average cost you will incur goes up to about $184,950.

With this information at your disposal, you can wisely plan, putting into consideration all these before you can start packing.

4. Pollen

If you come from a place with no such things as pollen, then you should as well start getting used to this. In Atlanta, there is a high level of pollen, which may sometimes even cover your entire car. For those who are allergic to pollen, it’s better than you plan for it and know how you will handle the situation.

The pollen season, which usually starts from March, can bring numerous allergic reactions such as constant sneezing and runny nose. All these can be devastating for you if you are allergic. Some measures you can put in place include keeping track of the pollen count, taking medications, keeping doors and windows closed, wearing masks when outdoors and more.

5. Food

Most often than never, every city you visit has a certain kind of food that it’s associated with. Atlanta is no exception. The city is well known for its sweet fried chicken which tops the list in any good eatery. Apart from chicken, craft beer and barbecue has recently gone up the list.

For those who love cooking, Atlanta offers much more than Vidalia onions and peaches. There are various farmer’s markets, food trucks, authentic ethnic eateries, and more places where you can get plenty of food. There are also numerous food chains where you can always get something sweet to eat.

6. Weather

Weather is a significant determinant of how comfortable you will feel living in a place. When relocating to Atlanta, you will have to plan how to cope with varying weather conditions. Summers in Atlanta are not only hot, but they are also humid. On the other hand, the city experiences short, cold, and wet winters.

Temperatures in the hot season can rise to an average of 81°F with the hottest day reaching 89°F. This season comes between 24th May and 17th September. For the cold season, the temperature can drop to an average of 60°F with the lowest reaching 35°F. The cold season comes between 28th May and 25th February.

7. Numerous Streets Named Peachtree

When moving to Atlanta, one thing you should be very keen on is the multiple street signs with the word Peachtree. Although you will most probably not come across a Peachtree, you will see this name on numerous street signs either for a road, lane, drive, avenue, plaza, etc. Therefore, when using your GPS, make sure that you input the right street or avenue.