Сasino That Honors The Traditions Of Feng Shui

The Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui teaches people to live in harmony in the world around them. Its main aim is to help people achieve a balanced, favorable state of well-being. According to the principles of this philosophy, if something is not going well in a person’s life, then there is a factor preventing the positive energy from flowing in. Many people all over the world today are using Feng Shui traditions to beautify their homes. It is interesting to note that casino owners have also turned to this philosophical system in an attempt to create a positive, welcoming atmosphere in their casinos.

Founder of Dougall Design Associates of Pasadena Terry Dougall who you can learn more about at datanyze has used Feng Shui techniques in interior design and architecture:

  • Boyd Gaming Corporation is a hospitality and gaming firm;
  • Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino is an entertainment establishment in Las Vegas;
  • Mirage Resorts, a company that owns and operates casino hotels.

In his opinion, it is necessary to check the buildings under construction according to Feng Shui. Based on its principles, the space can be organized to the best advantage. And it’s hard to argue with that, according to Dougall. For example, hardly anyone would object to arranging a house with maximum penetration of daylight or a nearby water source. These are undoubted advantages. The importance of practicing the traditions of Chinese philosophy has been recognised by many well-known personalities and companies.

Steve Wynn is the owner of Titan Casino He invited masters skilled in the principles of Feng Shui to inspect two establishments: Wynn Las Vegas and Mirage Resorts. Interesting fact: there are no floors 40 to 49 in the building. The explanation is that the number 4 means death in Chinese.
Donald Trump He invited an expert who recommended changing the color of the entrance to the hotel and making it bronze, as it has a natural positive energy. A balloon was placed in front of the tower to reflect the negative energy. Donald also applied the principles and traditions of the Chinese philosophical system to his casinos that are in Atlantic City.
Hotel group/brand: MGM Resorts International Originally, the entrance to the hotel, with its large casino, park and tropical-style swimming pools, was the jaws of an MGM lion (the mascot of Hollywood’s Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film studio). The regulars at the casino were Chinese. But they never used this entrance, opting for a different route, or stopped visiting the gambling establishment altogether. As soon as this became apparent, the entrance was rebuilt. There is now a bronze statue instead of a lion.

Often there are many mirrors present in casinos, affecting an increase in the players’ fortunes. The interior features natural stones and wood that can convey the energy of nature. Even if the guests opt for the free online video slots, the gaming tables are placed so that the dealers are not standing with their backs to them.

The color red, a symbol of happiness and love, is often used to decorate the interior of gambling establishments. It also gives visitors enthusiasm and energy. Blue and black, symbols of protection and money, are not uncommon in the design.

The Increasing Influence of Feng Shui Philosophy

Hotel owners consider that the culture and beliefs of their customers must be respected. Since Asian players are frequent visitors to the casino, it is important to meet their needs as quickly as possible. This is why designers spend a lot of time studying Chinese philosophy when creating the interior. A big influence is I Ching, Yin and Yang which you can read about at wiki.Jay Net, general manager and vice president of the large Harrah’s Atlantic City hotel, which has gaming rooms and a casino, is well-versed in the terminology and principles of ancient Chinese art. The KWI Noodle House restaurant located in the hotel and casino at Caesars Atlantic City has created a distinctive interior that features:

  • coloured stained glass column, which looks like fire;
  • blue tiles symbolizing water;
  • a mosaic floor made from natural materials in earthy hues;
  • wooden sticks painted in the colors of water, the moon and the sun are provided for the food;
  • in the table games room, the seating is decorated with Morse code elements, allowing guests to determine the best place for themselves based on their date of birth.

The shape of the bar is designed in the Yin and Yang tradition. The ceiling surface is painted with a boat with golden sails floating in the sky. They symbolize good luck. The importance of players from Asia is also reflected in the connections of global operators. Over the past few years, major companies such as Wynn Resorts, Las Vegas Sands and MGM Mirage have spent billions on decorating casino hotels located in Macau.

Basics that Apply to the Design of Gambling Establishments

Feng Shui is a whole science, with its own history, different schools, techniques and practices. In their work, designers are guided by the basic principles of the philosophical system, trying to please clients. They use the right shades of color and good energy, promising wealth. The use of natural materials remains unchanged: wood, fire, metal, earth and water. Designers try to use them everywhere. Not only that, but people are also buying artwork from people in Chinese neighborhoods which attracts good luck.

It’s also important to use additional associative meanings for certain things that have an impact on people’s fortunes. For example, to enhance the fiery energy in casino halls, red-coloured tracks are laid. They feature motifs with fire elements and triangles that symbolize earning power and wealth. In Atlantic City casinos, glass ‘fire’ chandeliers adorn the ceilings, adding to the energy.

Taiwanese Feng Shui master Meihwa Lin says it’s always possible to regulate and control negative energy, and to activate areas for greater prosperity. And even though the universe changes every year on the 4th of February, that doesn’t mean you should revise your environment every year.