You always want to be the best possible role model for the important people in your life. Whether you’re a dad, an uncle, a big brother, or a well-respected colleague, you need to make sure your decisions reflect your true persona. Perhaps you are trying to tidy up a messy lifestyle or revamp your image; there are many ways in which you can improve yourself for the better. You don’t have to be perfect, but polishing up your attitude and reviewing your outlook on certain situations will go a long way. Sometimes it just takes a few small changes to make a huge difference, so why not give it a go? Explore some of the following ideas, and you will soon be on track to making yourself a respectable role model to others.

Find a Cause That You’re Passionate About

If you want to be a good role model for the people around you, then you need to find a cause to be passionate about. You might not have to look too far, especially as there are so many issues to fight for in the world at the moment. When you can impart wisdom and knowledge onto others, people will look up to you and respect you for everything you have become. For example, Ryan Kopf is heavily involved in charity work and takes a stand against bullying within the community. Having a meaningful cause like this to represent and fight for, will give you the polished persona you are looking to achieve.

Get in Involved With Charity Work

As well as finding a cause that you are passionate about, you also need to take some action too. In most cases, actions speak louder than words, so you need to go out of your way to help people. This will show others that you are a role model to be looked up to. Charity work can be carried out in many different forms; you could even volunteer at the local dog shelter! Your charity work might link in with that new passion of yours too, so you can actually feel like you’re making a difference.

Petting a cute puppy

Find a Buddy Who Cares Too

Combine forces with somebody else who cares about the same causes as you; two heads are often much better than one. If you want to polish up your persona, you need to surround yourself with people who rub off well on you. When you are friends with people who let your reputation down, you will never be able to gain the respect you deserve. Make your friendship group a strong force to be reckoned with, and you will never have to worry about bringing yourself down. You always want to put your best foot forward, and the supportive people around you can help you with that.

Carry out Selfless Acts

When you can commit to a selfless good deed, it can make people think highly of you. Of course, this is not the sole aim of carrying out an altruistic act your goal shouldn’t be to make yourself feel good. However, if you can show others that carrying out generous acts is the norm, they will probably follow suit. When you are hoping to be somebody’s role model, this will work wonders, as they will be able to lead by example and do the same as you.

Practice Gratitude and your Polished Persona Will Thrive

Being grateful for everything you have in your life doesn’t always come easily and naturally. However, if you want to achieve that polished persona you have been looking for, you better start trying now. People who complain about their privileged life will never be well respected. Think about the terrible goings-on in the world right now and count yourself extremely lucky. If you can start to practice gratitude regularly, you will be setting an excellent example for those around you. Young people are mainly poor at being grateful for everything they have, so your hard work will not go unnoticed by the younger generation.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Everyone has indeed made mistakes in the past, but you can’t allow this to dictate your future. Being able to admit your previous faults can help you move forward and show other people that change is possible. Even people who have made huge mistakes in the past can come back stronger and gain a lot of respect. When you are a role model, it is essential to show people that perfection isn’t necessary if you want to be a good person. It’s all about staying strong and learning from the negative things that have happened to you in the past.

Intervene if You Feel It Is Necessary

Let’s say you are walking down the street and you see somebody in a very uncomfortable situation. Would you put your headphones in and walk away quickly? Would you intervene and stand up for the victim? Obviously, you need to justify every situation as it arises as life isn’t always that black and white. However, there are so many occasions in which people have just walked away when they could have done something worthwhile. Intervene and help people out if you think you can support them; this will set a good example for others if they are ever in a similar position.

Always Be Kind

Kindness is the best trait you could ever carry, so always aim to be generous and gentle, even with strangers. You never know what people are going through behind closed doors so your compassionate might make somebody’s day. Nowadays, people need to learn how to be kinder on a daily basis, even if there is nothing in it for them. Aim to carry out at least one generous act each day, and this will soon become part of your everyday routine!

Stay Motivated and Positive

If you want people to look up to you, then you need to set a good example. This doesn’t mean that you have to be perfect all the time; you need a positive outlook on life. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to be more positive, even if you struggle to see the bright side of certain situations. Even when you are feeling slow and sluggish, it is vital to keep your motivation levels up and show people that you are dedicated. This type of positivity and motivation will set a perfect example for people who look up to you.

Being a good role model isn’t just about being perfectly polished in every situation. It is about handling difficult times with ease and class. No matter what your previous experiences are in life, you can learn from your mistakes and be the best person you can be. Whether you are getting involved in charity work or being kinder daily, these small gestures can go a long way. You don’t necessarily have to make these changes to gain notoriety from other people; you can make these adjustments for yourself. As soon as you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin, other people will naturally start to look up to you. Being selfless, loyal, kind, and compassionate are traits we all want to possess, so why not take action now and improve yourself for good?

How to perfect your polished persona

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