Popping the Question During the Month of Love

Getting engaged is a big step in anyone’s life, especially for the one proposing. This isn’t to suggest that an engagement has a stronger meaning for one party over the other, but perhaps it’s what leads up to the big question.

Fairly recently, last July to be exact, I proposed to my girlfriend of 3 years, Sarah. Had I not settled on a family trip home, I would have most likely fired the question around Valentine’s Day–the month of love! No matter the time or place you choose to do it, just know that it will be 100% nerve-wracking and things won’t go exactly as planned, but it will be a day you will never forget.

In hopes of providing guidance for my readers looking to pop the question, I’ve partnered with my friends at Pepto to help create a list of ideas to help with your big day. Whether you’re planning to just get on one knee and get it over quickly or you have something a little bit elaborate in mind, like me, this list will help you get on your way.

Theme your proposal

Most good ideas start in the shower, so it’s only natural my proposal theme was hatched there. Since my fiancée is a huge Doctor Who fan, I decided to base my idea around the show and its characters. Themes are a great place to start if you’re finding yourself in a creative rut, which is exactly where I was. I had the ring, but no idea how I wanted to pop the question. That was, of course, until the day I had a lightbulb moment in the shower.

Doctor Who Proposal

For my Doctor Who fans out there. Yes, that is my fiancée with a Sonic Screwdriver.

Food is always a good choice

One of the things Sarah and I bond over is food. When we aren’t cooking, we’re traveling together and experiencing new cuisines. Naturally, I knew she would love an assortment of snacks, so I put together a charcuterie plate that was pretty tasty.

Charcuterie Plate with Olives

Pro-tip: If you’re going to overindulge, and trust me, you will on your proposal day, it’s best to keep some Pepto-Bismol nearby. The last thing you want is all the amazing food you ate to give you an upset stomach. Remember to pack the Pepto–your S.O. will thank you for it!

Pepto-Bismol To-Go

Try a custom Snapchat filter

Don’t use Snapchat? That’s ok, just move on to the next idea below.

Since I went the elaborate route for my proposal, I thought it would be cool to create a custom Snapchat filter for our special day. It’s a unique way to add flair to popping the question and something that everyone involved can use.

Custom Snapchat filter for proposal

Hire a photographer you trust

iPhone photos are great, but don’t let that be the quality you settle on for your proposal photos. This is a big moment in your life, so find a friend who has a professional camera or hire a photographer for an hour. Trust me, it will be well worth it.

Have some proposal ideas yourself? Share it with us on social by tweeting @JoesDaily & @Pepto.

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