Deciding to put your home on the market and preparing it for viewings is a time when you suddenly must stop viewing your home as your own. Unfortunately, it means putting your personal tastes and preferences aside and living in a property that suddenly becomes a marketable space rather than your beloved haven.

However, if you want your home to fare well on the market, you should give the following tips a try for your best chance at making a sale.

Go Neutral

You may already have a neutral taste, and if so, your home may only need a quick freshen up to have white walls looking even brighter. However, if your current tastes are along the bold and vibrant side, then you should consider repainting any dark walls to give your home a fresher, more neutral coat, meaning potential buyers will have a blank canvas to work with.

This appeals immeasurably to those people with significantly different tastes to yours, and who may be deterred by the idea of having to redecorate every single wall.

Take Care of Pests

Any pest infestations are going to be brought up during a home survey, as well as causing a problem if they arise during viewings. Nobody wants their home to be overrun with creepy crawlies when potential buyers come to view your property.

It’s a good idea to check your property thoroughly for any signs of pests before putting it on the market so that any issues can be taken care of in advance by a professional team like Moxie Pest Control so that you can rest easy knowing that your home is in its best condition when it’s time for viewings.

Check Your Light Bulbs

It’s something so simple, yet it’s essential before any viewing. Although everybody understands that light bulbs are going to go at some point, the last thing you want is a light bulb popping when you turn on the switch for a potential buyer to view a room in your home. This may cause them to suspect faulty electrical issues or worse (which, of course, won’t be the case, but a popping light bulb doesn’t look great during viewings).

Take the time to think if you recently changed the bulbs in rooms, and if you’d rather be safe than sorry, replace them all. Energy-efficient bulbs are also recommended.

Think Fresh and Clean

This won’t take a lot of effort, but it makes a lot of difference. Kit out your bathroom with fresh, clean towels – bonus points for using washing detergent, which smells heavenly – and make sure fresh clothes and dishtowels are out on the side in the kitchen. Set your table with a freshly laundered tablecloth and plump up your couch with clean pillows.

Anything else you can do to make your home smell fresher should be done, such as airing it before viewings, adding scented candles or incense, or fresh plants and flowers, which can provide a more natural feel.