How to save money on tech

Technology is dominating our lives; it’s also benefiting our lives a great deal. However, keeping up to date or even just being equipped with the right tech to go about your daily life costs money, and it can all add up to be a costly part of your life. So how can you keep costs down while still being digitally savvy? Here are a few tips to help you save money on tech:

Don’t Bother With The Extended Warranty

Unless you’re clumsy and you don’t trust yourself not to break your new gadget, then don’t bother with the extended warranty, it makes the product cost more and is usually not worth it. Just be careful with your things and make sure you don’t break them. If you look in the past at how many items you have lost or broken or how many times you’ve needed the extended warranty, it’s probably not a lot, so don’t waste your time or your money.

Don’t Be Fooled By The Name

Just because you recognize the brand name doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting better quality than any other make. Do your research, read reviews and when it comes to things like HDMI cables or chargers, then you don’t need to be forking out on expensive products when unnamed ones work just as well. The same can be said for more significant products, make sure you look at all the different options before you buy, find out from other people who have purchased the products themselves and get an honest review before you commit to a more important purchase.

Don’t Dismiss Second Hand

Just because it’s been used before doesn’t mean it’s going to be shoddy and no good. You can get some great refurbished tech now at a fraction of the cost of precisely the same item brand new. Refurbished products are just as good as the new ones, they have been through the same rigorous testing and inspections to make sure they are up to scratch but make sure that you buy straight from the manufacturer or a reputable dealer, also look for the “factory certified” label.

Second hand thrift shopping

Always Check For Discounts

There are tonnes of discount codes, vouchers or offers available all year around, so if you’re on the lookout for something in particular then shop around, compare prices and make sure you get the best deal. Depending on the time of year as well, maybe wait a couple of weeks until a bank holiday sale, check your diary and be wise about when you buy, you don’t want to miss a great offer.

Sell Your Old Stuff

A great way to save money on tech is to make money on tech. If you’re finished with something and don’t think you’ll use it again as long as it’s in good condition, then you can sell it. You can try eBay or take it to Cex to see if they will buy it off you. Even if you have some old tech that doesn’t work, some people will still want it for parts, so it’s worth checking before you dump it in the bin.

Don’t Upgrade Unless You Have To

It’s easy to do, and many people do it, you want to have the latest phone, so you upgrade when there was nothing wrong with your old one. But the payments on these new phones can last for years and then the next ‘latest’ phone or gadget will be out. Just be patient, wait until there’s a good reason and then treat yourself to a well-deserved new piece of kit with all the money you have saved. You’ll thank yourself for it.

Save Money With Tech

Now here’s a twist, you might have to spend money to save money, but ultimately you’ll be better off if you do. Investing in a smart meter is some tech worth spending money on as it will save you on your energy bills for years to come. Do the same with LED Lightbulbs too. Make sure you’re on the best possible phone plan for you, sometimes it is cheaper to actually buy a phone outright and then get yourself a Smarty SIM to keep down the costs of actually using it. You can also get yourself some money saving apps for free, so use the technology available to help manage your finances and budget each month. You will easily be able to see what you’re spending and when just by looking on your phone.