When you’re in the area of buying a new car, you have but one constraint; your wallet. That is, how much you are willing to spend because new cars are not cheap. However, they could be cheaper, if you did a little browsing on some techniques that could make your car a little less showroom spec. Brand new cars are in certain packages that the manufacturers want the car dealers to sell them in. At the very least they want the cars to be displayed in this fashion because they will look their best. And when a car looks very good on the showroom floor, they hope more and more buyers will sign a big fat cheque over to them. Yet, there is no need to have your car in these sorts of specs. You can actually save money on your new car even before you have driven it off.

Your kind of tires

The kind of tires your car needs is subject to the kind of driving you do. If you are simply a highway cruiser because you commute to work and back in another city, then you might not need grippy tires for turns. There are many kinds of tires that are at your choice and you don’t have to take the ones that the car you’re buying comes with. You can ask the dealer to put on tires of your choice before they even deliver the car to you. This is something that dealers will offer their customers because nowadays it’s all about customization. No longer is it a take it or leave it choice, you can tell the dealer what kind of tires you want to put on. Many of them won’t be on ‘the list’ of tires they offer but you should ask beforehand.

Take your own plan

Dealers and car brands work together with car insurance companies because they all work in the same industry. Therefore if they help each other out then the wheel keeps turning and they are able to profit largely. However, you don’t need to take the insurance plan the new car comes with. In fact, you can look elsewhere for your car insurance and maybe choose a plan that is known to decrease in price year on year and sometimes monthly. You can see what your own quote is by putting in your details and the website will find what would be the best gradually decreasing price for you.

Avoid the windshield

Many dealers will also have windshield protection and repair insurances that come with the car. Again this is all just to make more and more money from unwary and uneducated drivers. You don’t need to fall for this plan either. Getting a windshield crack is not that common and again it depends on what kind of driving you do. Speak to your dealer and tell them you do not want to have any kind of windshield program with the car.

Car dealerships will partner with many other companies and parts of the car industry. However, you do not need to drive away with their package installed. You can get cheaper tires fitted onto the car as well as not sign up to their windshield protection service.