Everyone ages, but there is a stronger emphasis on aging well for women, with men left behind and expected to lose their hair, bloat their stomachs and deal with it. There’s nothing wrong with positive aging content focusing on women, but at the same time, men need to know that they can age just as well with the right mindset to get healthy. So whether you’re approaching middle age or smack-bang in the throes and wandering where your youth went, here are some tips to help you age well inside and out.

Common Health Issues For Men

While everyone can be at risk of experiencing health issues that could affect their quality of life, there are a few common health issues men are more likely to encounter as they get older. Knowing what these are can help you prepare for–and hopefully avoid–significant problems.

Heart Issues

There are several heart risks you could be at risk of as you get older, especially if you love your beer and red meat. Understanding the dangers of these heart risks can help you change your attitude or at least explore a slightly healthier lifestyle. Around 1 in 14 men will experience heart troubles as they get older, so putting yourself in the best position to avoid issues is vital for living a healthier and happier life.


Men’s mental health has become a significant topic among charities and some media outlets. Tradition assumes that men simply get on with it, and many feel unable to talk about their problems, which increases the chances of male suicide. Loneliness and other factors can contribute to significant mental health struggles, so do not feel weak or pathetic for reaching out to friends, family, or support services if you feel lost.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be an embarrassing topic, but it’s common enough that men should know about and prepare for it. There are many reasons why your little guy might struggle to stand to attention, including stress levels and your lifestyle. There are solutions, such as Viagra, that can help you get it up even as you get older while changing your lifestyle can also help.


Cancer affects one in every two people, so it’s no surprise that men are at just as significant of a risk. Furthermore, there are various cancer types you could be at risk of suffering from. Besides lung cancer, prostate, and testicular cancer are also prevalent in men, but they can be treated effectively if you catch them quickly. Check yourself regularly and visit the doctor if you identify any irregularities in shape.

Weight Gain and Obesity

Similarly, weight gain and obesity can affect everyone. However, sudden weight gain in men can be difficult to shift, especially since they need to consume more calories and may not have the opportunity to shift the weight through exercise. As much as stress can cause you to lose weight, various changes in your life (such as kids or simple aging and metabolism changes) can create that ‘bowling ball’ effect that seemingly appears overnight.

How to Age Well Inside and Out

There is no magic potion or formula to age well. It involves hard work, luck, and genetics. Still, there are several things you can do to age well inside and out to give yourself the best chance of looking and feeling good as you get older.

Get Regular Screenings

As mentioned above, prostate and testicular cancer are two of the most common problems men might face as they get older. Nothing is embarrassing about caring for your health, so regular prostate screening is vital for aging well and staying healthy. You don’t need to visit your doctor every week, but a yearly physical can ease your mind and help you identify potential illnesses and conditions that might pose a problem later. Your doctor can find these and offer advice to solve them before it’s too late.

Stop Being Stubborn About Your Health

Many men can become stubborn about their health as they get older. They feel they have too many other things to worry about and don’t want to make a fuss. However, ignoring your health is never a good idea and can make things even worse. There is the chance that visiting the doctor as soon as you find something wrong can catch problems early. If you wait too long, the condition could become impossible to cure.

Respect Your Meds

Similarly, you may need more medication as you get older to deal with various conditions, like heart disease or diabetes. You must respect these meds and take them as often as required. This medication has been prescribed for a reason, so you should not take it lightly. Make sure you have all the medication you need wherever you go, especially on vacation or during a business trip when you may not have access to more meds if you forget them.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

A good night;’s sleep is vital for living a healthy life. It can help you relax, keep you energized, and even reduce aches and pains as long as you cultivate the perfect environment. It could be time to invest in a new bed and a new mattress to help you sleep soundly through the night. You may also want to improve your bedroom by upgrading your curtains, installing a humidifier, and creating a sanctuary that enables you to get to sleep easily without worrying about what you have to do tomorrow.

Exercise Often

Maybe you already have a dedicated workout routine, or maybe you don’t. Whatever your situation, regular exercise as you get older is just as important as you get older. If you have a strong platform to build on, continue with that, but you can also check out exercises for 50+ men if you want to get into exercise now. You can also look for local pickup games with friends to give you a decent run around every week, such as soccer or basketball.

Quit Bad Habits

Bad habits become increasingly more difficult to kick as you get older. You can struggle to quit smoking or drinking, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. There are services you can use to help you quit by contacting your doctor, but you can also use apps to motivate you to quit bad habits and make positive lifestyle changes that will reduce the risk of severe health issues when you get older.

Focus More On Healthy Eating

Similarly, healthy eating can make a difference to your health as you get older, especially as your metabolism slows down. While you may have been able to eat an entire pizza without repercussions before, this will not be as true as you age. Instead, you should replace your favorite unhealthy foods with more beneficial options. Stop snacking on candy or chocolate, and try eating more fruits and vegetables instead. You can also take vitamin supplements to balance out your food consumption if you struggle to include as much as you’d like in your diet.

Spend Time With Friends

Loneliness and isolation are two issues for people as they get old. They can’t spend as much time as they’d like with their family or friends, which can damage their mental well-being. Although it can be tricky to carve out quality time with others, the least you can do is reach out. Do things with friends, whether you go for hikes or go around theirs for a catch-up, and make the most of the time you have with everyone.

Pamper Yourself To Relieve Stress

Women aren’t the only people who can treat themselves, so don’t be afraid to pamper yourself to relieve stress after a long week where you feel you’ve never had a moment to stop and relax. Activities like baths, shopping sprees, and spas can all help you find your center and ease your worries and you might feel like a new person when you’re finished. Of course, these aren’t the only solutions. Find something you love to do, whether watching TV or playing video games, to unwind and recharge so you can handle whatever stress is just around the corner.

Cement Your Style

Feeling good and looking good are two sides of the same coin. You’ll soon realize you can’t dress like you’re in your twenties anymore (and you also wouldn’t want to). While the dad attire might be a bit cliche, dressing well is easy once you find your style. You don’t need to go wild or grab attention, but you can still find clothes that fit and complement your body shape. It might feel like you’re too old to focus on fashion, but if you want to look and feel good, the right clothes will help.

Looking Good

It can feel like no one cares how you look as you get older, but that can be as much of a curse as it might seem to be a blessing. It’s easy to assume you’ve been left behind or that no resources are available, but this isn’t true. These tips can help all men age well and feel the best they’ve ever felt inside and out.