Does your relationship need a little sprucing up? You may be married with children for at least a decade, or you may be recent lovers who just don’t get to carve enough time with one another because of career or other family and social obligations.

You don’t have to be extravagant with showing your love. Often, small things incorporated into your daily routines, or mini-surprises that catch your partner off guard can be enough to make them feel special and put a little excitement into your relationship again.

Here are some ways you can be creative to make your partner feel extra special:

1. Plan a surprise getaway, even for the weekend.

A simple staycation – just an overnighter somewhere near, can give both of you the recharge that you need – a rest from the week’s work, and a fully charged emotional and mental battery for the days that lie ahead. These moments that let you decompress and get away from your usual routines are great mood boosters, and help increase your reserves of good memories with one another.

2. Give a customized gift.

Another way to make your partner feel extra special is by getting them a gift that is tailor-made to their tastes. For example, you can give them a nice keepsake in the form of jewelry. There are Chicago based jewelers who can help you choose a design and material that your partner wants specifically. When they get the gift, they will be pleasantly surprised with how it is catered to their preferences.

3. Fix up a small – or a big – corner of your home.

Any partner would be thrilled to see some part of their home looking delightfully different and made to be more functional to their habits and lifestyle. If you can afford it, you can, for example, construct a mini-bar in a corner of your home, where you and your partner can enjoy your nightcaps and share stories about your day.

You don’t even have to go full-on reconstruction – often, just tidying up a part of the house and turning it into a useful or beautiful space is enough to bring happiness to your partner.

4. Cook a special meal for your partner.

The saying “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is applicable to women as well as men. It may sound cliché, but it’s true. Cooking a special meal for your partner is not just about the taste of the final product – but the effort, thought, and time you put in learning a recipe, shopping for ingredients, concocting your unique blend, and preparing it tastefully for your partner.

These are all things you can do without any lavish financial expenditure on your end. They are simple, well-thought out, and heartfelt suggestions that will surely help your relationship keep that constant spark, and make your partner feel that you value them. Make sure to give each of these ideas a try, and do them every now and then to keep your love for each other alive and felt more concretely.