If you’re looking for a new career path right now, you’re far from alone. Over the past couple of years, a whole host of worldwide changes have happened and many of us are finding that we need to find new ways to generate money. The Covid-19 pandemic meant that many of us lost our jobs, as we were unable to spend time outside of our homes for non-essential purposes. Companies collapsed. People were made redundant. Those of us who could work from home or were furloughed had enough time to think about what we actually want to do, and many of us decided that now is the time to make a change and pursue a role that we find more fulfilling. Alongside all of this, we are now living through a cost of living crisis, and many of us are finding that we need new means of income to support ourselves and our dependents properly. But what do you need to do to take the right steps in your new career? Here are some suggestions that should help you in this journey.

Know What You’re Looking For

There’s no point signing into jobs sites and jobs boards without any idea of what you’re looking for. You need to have a good idea of what you expect from a job, so you don’t waste your own time and recruiters’ time by attending interviews for jobs that you wouldn’t accept if you got them anyway. What field or area do you want to work in? What salary are you looking for? What mode of work do you want? Are you happy to head in office or do you want to be remote? What working hours work for you? How far are you willing to commute? What seniority level do you expect? Outlining everything you expect from a role will help you to whittle down your options, figuring out which positions you should apply for and which you should turn down straight away.

Do You Need to Retrain?

If you’re looking for the role you already carry out but with a different company, chances are, you’re already as qualified and experienced as you need to be. But if you are switching careers, you may find that you need to retrain. Look at others who have been successful in your chosen field for inspiration and to see what steps of theirs you may need to trace in order to experience success. If you’re going into theatre, you might want to look at Travis Preston for inspiration. Look into qualifications you might need and what experience is requested in job descriptions for the types of roles you’re considering. Then find a way to achieve them so that you can add them to your CV or resume.

Preparing for Interviews

You need to make sure that you’re fully prepared for any interview you might want to attend. Search frequently asked questions and the best way to answer them. Make sure that you are well presented. Have confidence!

Hopefully, some of the information above will help to guide you on your brand new career path!