It becomes much easier for people to find a friend or a partner with modern technical opportunities. However, some aspects still need to be clarified to make your online communication effective.

The problem is that every device we use to communicate may change our vision of the other person. That is why understanding each other becomes more complicated. You can eliminate this effect by following the recommendations that help make a good impression and using all the advantages of video chatroulettes for online dating.

Peculiarities of a Video Chat Communication

When you speak with someone live, you can see all their gestures and better understand their emotions. They are called verbal and non-verbal signs. We can use words (or verbal signs) in a live conversation or messaging, while non-verbal communication elements are the most effective if we stand next to each other.

Our perception capability is limited in a video chat because the camera’s sight is limited. We cannot see a person’s posture and gestures in full. In the case of a bad internet connection, even facial expressions become distorted.

Tips on Proper Communication

When considering online communication, some people may overlook several important aspects that can be game-changing. Look through the following points to check if you did not miss anything:

  • Prepare according to how confident you feel and be sensible. For example, your chances are lower if you are OK to show up in a video chat when you have just woken up.
  • Be polite and show your sense of humor. Beautiful speech and manners are always a trump in communication with a potential partner.
  • Set up your camera according to the light direction. Light sources should be behind the camera, slightly heightened.
  • Set up your microphone so the other people can hear you with a good sound. Depending on the microphone’s quality, you place it at a different distance. Watch the items not touch or rub against the mic so it will not produce excessive noise.
  • Support the conversation. Show that you’re interested in chatting with a certain person. If you are not used to speaking with random people, find general conversation-support expressions to help you.
  • Show your talent if you can do something impressive. Remember, it is not about perfect knowledge or skills, but something you are sincerely fond of doing.

If you have some ideas that help you express yourself and believe they will be to your advantage – use them!

What to Avoid While Chatting

Being confident and brave about making friends and building new relationships is fantastic, but we should remember some points that can ruin a good start. Try to avoid the following things to keep your communication positive at the beginning:

  • It is better not to touch upon socially resonant topics. They usually do not call emotions positive, so if your communication starts with anything negative, it has little chance of continuing.
  • Personal information. Some platforms, like CooMeet APK forbid using or asking for sensitive information. It also refers to family-related questions or discussable life experiences.
  • Negative appearance peculiarities. If you see a strange feature in a person’s movements or appearance, you better not talk about it if your interlocutor does not start the topic.
  • Talking too much or too little about yourself. Being open shows your interest, but if you fill the entire conversation space with stories about yourself, it makes you seem narcissistic.
  • Overreacting or being too passive. Any extremes in showing emotions indicate your inability to identify where the adequate reaction is. It repulses on a subconscious level.
  • Using too much irony and being excessively sarcastic. Modern humor is full of ironic shades, but sometimes people may perceive it as passive aggression.
  • Foul language. It simply shows a lack of manners. Moreover, some platforms ban the use of profanity.
    Eating while talking. If you are not an ASMR streamer, you better avoid eating in front of the camera. Some people may dislike it.

Generally, you will understand that everything will be fine if you follow ethics and avoid extremes.


Online chatting is a convenient alternative to live communication, but it has significant peculiarities that complicate mutual understanding. You can set up your camera and microphone accordingly to compensate for the lack of non-verbal signs. Preparing, showing up in a good look, and demonstrating good manners are always a trump.

At the same time, you better avoid extremes like asking intimate questions or using too much irony. Follow the ethical and sensible guidelines, and your video chatroulette experience will help you build relationships with pleasant people.