The opening line of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night is: “If music be the food of love, play on.” The celebrated English playwright has given so many wonderful quotes to posterity, but this one sticks in the mind. As with many of his verses, ‘the food of love’ could have different meanings. But it does allude to the undeniable relationship between food and love! Dating and dining have been inextricably linked since … well, Shakespeare wrote those lines sometime between 1601 and 1602! With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the wonderful gastronomy of dating.

The role of food and drinks in dating scenarios

Why this correlation? That’s a no-brainer. There are so many dishes out there, reflecting the diversity of human cultures. You might well have developed a penchant for Asian, Latin American, or even Kenyan dishes. In every city with a community that has settled after emigrating, restaurants and cafes will be available, offering menus from every corner of the globe. What better way to ignite a romantic encounter or an adult date than suggesting a get-together over a sumptuous banquet? Tasting your own meal is one thing, but offering samples to your partner is the embodiment of a sensual connection.

Most popular ways to find like-minded dates

We all need to eat, and everyone will have a ‘go-to’ snack when it comes to treating ourselves to a quick takeaway. But eating is also an excellent communal affair, with dinner parties being a way for people from a range of backgrounds to congregate at a table, chatting and munching with enthusiasm. So, an important question to consider is where to come across prospective partners to enjoy tempting meals together. Have you ever pondered this question: ‘where can I find an adult hookup near me, and where could we go on date night?’ The answer to the latter point is obvious. Book a secluded, candlelit table at the restaurant of your choice, then tantalize your taste buds with a succession of glorious dishes. As for the former question, the obvious route to take is to go online. By signing up for an online matchmaking site, you’ll be able to make instant connections. Algorithms will point you in the direction of other site users who share your love of culinary delights and have the same dating goals from flirting to hookups to something serious. With secure communication channels where you can chat about favorite recipes, you’ll soon be stoking chemistry – and whetting your appetite for good food and fine wine.

Different foods and drinks that are considered particularly romantic

One of the most obvious choices for a romantic meal is oysters, considered an aphrodisiac for hundreds of years, and associated with the renowned Italian author, Casanova! They contain zinc, which is essential for male fertility! Other foodstuffs reputedly guaranteed to put you in a frisky mood include artichokes and asparagus, as well as the more traditionally recognized chocolate and strawberries. As for chocolate-covered strawberries, these must surely provide double the impact!

Dating ideas based on gastronomical aspect

– Cooking at home

If you want to capture someone’s heart, one of the best things you can do is offer to cook them a meal. As titillating aromas drift from the kitchen, candles flicker on the table, and soft music plays in the background your dinner guest will be ready to be wowed by your recipes.

– Eating out

Aside from a trip to the cinema or a bar, eating in a restaurant is one of the most popular date night activities of all. If you’re planning on sweeping a potential love interest off their feet, you should go online and check out reviews. Keep an eye out for venues that have only recently opened, as the chefs here will be pulling out all the stops to serve up memorable dishes. Washing the courses down with complimentary wine, and exchanging sweet nothings over the various laden plates will be a winning combination.

– Visiting a winery or brewery

If the food of love is one, the drink of love is a whole other subject! The beauty of adding wine, beer, cocktails or spirits to the equation is that any of these refreshments will complement a meal. But more importantly, their intoxicating effect will boost amorous feelings. You can enjoy so many tasty spirits that will make you feel sociable, from Irish whisky to flavored gins, and many, many more examples. If you’re looking for ideas for a romantic excursion centered on drink, how about popping into a vineyard? Here you’ll get an expert explanation of the whole fermentation process, as well as a unique opportunity to sample a variety of produce. Ditto a local brewery, where the experience will be partly educational, but partly a feast for your senses! Savoring the lovingly brewed craft beers and ales will provide a welcome glow, instantly putting you in an amorous mood.