Chances are that you’re having trouble deciding what gift you should get for the athlete or sports fan you’re shopping for. Maybe they tend to buy everything they want for themselves or perhaps they’re just picky about the kind of gear they use. Either way, here are 10 high-end options that any athlete would love to have.

1. Hoodie/Sweatshirts/Jacket

A hoodie, sweatshirt or jacket from a trusted brand is always a welcome gift. Depending on your giftee’s style preferences, they may prefer some cuts, colors and materials over others.

Staples like The North Face jackets and hoodies are always a safe bet. This brand’s hoodies provide both comfort and carrying capacity with a classic front stash pocket, while its zip-up jackets are as handsome as they are warm and weather resistant.

2. Water Bottle

Hydration is essential, whether you’re playing hard or sitting in the bleachers. A stainless steel water bottle will maintain the desired beverage temperature far better than a plastic one. If your athlete or sports fan spends a lot of time outdoors, they don’t have to worry about the temperature disturbing their bottle’s contents.

3. Weighted Vest

Weighted vests are excellent for building strength and stamina outside the gym. Unlike a backpack, weighted vests distribute weight evenly, so they don’t interfere with balance or stability.

4. Hydration Backpack

A hydration backpack can be a game changer in the truest sense if your recipient needs to keep their hands free for athletic endeavors. Runners, cyclists and other endurance athletes can benefit greatly from hydration backpacks since reaching for a water bottle mid-race isn’t always possible or practical.

5. Door Gym

It isn’t always possible to get to the gym when you need to, but for those with enough motivation, gyms often aren’t necessary. Anyone can get a good workout at home, provided they have the right equipment. A well-designed door gym can provide many excellent exercise variations to target specific muscle groups, from pull-ups and chin-ups to push-ups, dips and leg raises.

6. Textured Foam Roller

After a challenging workout, stretching and massage can help loosen up tight muscles and maintain an enhanced range of motion. Textured foam rollers release tension by targeting it directly in the affected muscle groups — no masseuse required.

7. Athletic Wear

Strenuous activity calls for suitable attire. Track pants, breathable fleece shorts, leggings, athletic shirts and similar garments are vital. So is style. Fortunately, popular apparel from Nike, Under Armor and The North Face is made to last and to look great, offering the best of both worlds.

8. Brimmed Hat

If your recipient tends to forget sun protection when they head out, they might appreciate a light and airy brimmed hat. Whether they’ll be hiking an arduous trail, catching some fish or just going on a light walk, a brimmed hat makes an ideal adventure accessory.

9. Backpack/Duffel Bag

Backpacks come in an endless variety. Large, small, waterproof, extra padded and more backpack options are available in a wide range of colors, styles and designs, so there’s a backpack for everyone.
For serious athletes, an oversized duffel bag may offer more room for spare clothes, equipment and other necessities.

10. Running Shoes

Most manufacturers recommend replacing running shoes every 300 to 400 miles. Over time, textiles tear, foam degrades and treads wear away. Runners need to care for their feet by striding on something supportive and grippy. Just make sure to check your recipient’s shoe size first.

What Gifts Will You Choose?

Your favorite athlete or sports fan deserves a gift that will make a statement and last a good long while. By considering their needs and preferences, analyzing their current clothing and gear, and getting a little creative, you’ll make the right choice every time.