Some men are mad about cars, while others are partial to some fine wine. There is also a growing amount of gentlemen who have discovered the benefits of mobile gaming in recent times, with the convenience and portable nature of it resulting in a favored entertainment option for millions of men right now. In fact, the world’s male population aside, mobile gaming has been booming in general, although some games are certainly more suited to male audiences than others.

Given the evident advancements made in our smartphone devices, the games which we can typically access have never been so good. For men, in particular, there are some hugely appealing products that are elevating the mobile category of gaming massively. From console-quality titles to augmented reality masterpieces, the diverse nature of mobile gaming means that there is a title out there for everyone. In order for you to experience mobile gaming in the best way possible, though, we’ve done the hard work for you. So, to save you the hassle of having to go sift through hundreds of mobile titles that are potentially worth your time, let’s take a look at some of the top mobile games for men at the moment.

The leading titles in the space right now

As you’d expect, the most popular mobile releases tend to hog the limelight a bit. They’re generally at the top of the download charts, they appear high up in the search engines, and they’re reviewed the most by gamers around the world. While some titles don’t deserve the attention they receive, most of the leading titles do. One game that warrants the plaudits it gets is Raid: Shadow Legends, a gacha RPG that offers stunning 3D graphics alongside the epic battling aspect of the title where you’ll be inundated with tough match-ups and an abundance of chaos. If you’re after a more relaxed mobile gaming experience, though, then options like Genshin Impact might appeal. Offering stunning visuals for a mobile product, players can explore a large open-world area in an anime-inflected fantasy environment. There are characters to unlock and quests to complete in this extremely pleasurable game to session. Another popular release with eye-catching backdrops and glorious scenery is Alto’s Odyssey, an endless runner with a clean appearance and plenty of obstacles to overcome along the way. With a number of incentives to earn while you play, it’s a great game to session when boredom sets in.

Other leading titles worth downloading right now include Call of Duty: Mobile, League of Legends: Wild Rift, Grid Autosport, Among Us, and FIFA Mobile.

Roulette wheel in a casino

Casino games like online roulette are a great option

While downloadable titles are worth your time, there are some great alternatives when assessing the browser game products that are out there. For instance, many gamers are now enjoying casino games like online roulette. The ultimate game of chance, online roulette is easy to grasp, fun to play, and it can pass the time when needed. Additionally, many online casinos house an array of new and improved products that are also tempting, from live game shows to themed casino slots on iconic movies. If online casinos aren’t your thing, then Zynga Poker might be. Accessible via Facebook, it’s a solid option if you don’t want to put your real money on the line. You can learn the basics as you play, take on players from around the world, and have some genuine fun and entertainment in the process.

Some other mobile games to consider

Other games male mobile gamers are exploring right now include Epic Seven, Mafia City, Forge of Empires, and Hero Wars.