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Something I wish I was better prepared for while entering adulthood is investing. The word itself is vague in that there are countless ways you can invest. You could invest in your future by getting an education, open an IRA and start your retirement portfolio, or spend time helping a cause that means a lot to you. There are countless ways you can invest your time and money.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that the latter investment has made me feel the most fulfilled. Technically I’m not investing money while donating my time to causes, however, it’s the feeling of doing good that makes it all worthwhile to me. But what if there was a way I could not only invest in my future financially but also do it consciously as well. This is where COIN comes in.

Conscious Investing with COIN

There are three impact areas that I am passionate about investing in and the COIN platform makes it easy to do so. Unlike traditional investing, COIN will only invest your money in companies that matter most to the Impact Areas you choose. When you sign up you will be presented with eight different, yet equally important Impact Areas to invest in. They include companies making a difference in Gender Equality, Climate Action, Better Health, Clean Water, Reduce Waste, Quality Work, Modern Cities, and Shared Prosperity.

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Though all eight of the Impact Areas are important to me, the three that stand out the most are Climate Action, Modern Cities, and Reduce Waste. I specifically care about these three because of how well they work together. My wife and I are always looking ahead and planning what our future might look like. Modern cities are at the top of our list because of what comes with them. These are the types of places that are very forward thinking when it comes to climate action and reducing waste. COIN is able to help you invest in your future financially while investing in companies that you believe in.

How Does COIN Choose Which Companies to Invest In?

COIN’s highly skilled team works closely with third-party rating firms to find the right company for the Impact Area you choose. Even further, they analyze company reporting, employ a proprietary scoring methodology, and exclude companies that have had controversies and negative incidents. They even provide you with sample companies you can research yourself under each of the Impact Areas. I was happy to see a few of my personal favorite companies listed in more than one of those sample areas. Go see for yourself!

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Conscious Investing

Receive $50 Off Your First Investment

COIN is offering a sweet deal to new investors once they invest their first $100. Use promo code COIN2019 at first deposit and receive an additional $50 towards your investment. It’s a great way to get started even for the most modest investors.

Note: You will have to keep your $100 invested for a minimum of 3 months to receive the $50.