Most likely you have a grillmaster in your life who deserves some acknowledgement and gratitude for the glorious meals they’ve prepared for you over the flame. The perfect char on a perfectly cooked steak fills many with both comfort and delight. For some wielders of the tongs, it’s an innate ability, while for others a skill that is honed over years of diligent study and practice. Regardless, we who benefit from their labors are right to take the opportunity to gift them with a conscientious contribution to their craft. In this case, often the more consumable the item, the better. Certainly, something of which the bounty can be shared among many is very welcome. Let’s take a look at some surefire presents that will fire up most any grillmaster.

  1. If there is a downside to grilling it could be that it is a somewhat solitary pursuit, focused forward on the coals as your family and guests congregate behind you. A diligent grillmaster continually manages not only the ongoing cooking process to feed the many but monitors and tends to the fuel source itself. What if we could put a new spin on how the chef is positioned in terms of the cooking surface and those being fed? What if grilling could become a social interaction as well as a means to succulent (burnt) ends? Enter the OFYR grill, carried exclusively in the US by Weston Table. This circular, cast-iron, wood-burning grill is both elegantly simple yet ingeniously engineered. Finally grilling can be a community activity, of course overseen by the watchful and educated eye of our featured grillmaster. This OFYR creates a whole new experience where the cooking surface is broad and continuous, perfect for feeding large crowds and for getting those crowds in on the fun. Even if it’s something as simple as giving someone the opportunity to flip their own burger for the first time, grilling is now interactive, social, and a centerpiece of any outdoor gathering.
  2. Now that your grillmaster is a proud OFYR owner, they will need a new reliable and quality source of fuel to get their char on. And with a wood burning grill more so than others, that fuel is also an ingredient that changes, enhances, and enriches the main dish. While not everyone has nearby access to a variety of quality cooking wood, Cutting Edge Firewood are experts at curating and treating wood to make it the best you can get. Hickory, pecan, walnut, maple, apple and more are all available to impart amazing aromas and sensational smokiness to your food. There are sample packs to get them started with a variety of woods, or if you know they already have a penchant for a certain species, splurge on the more economical large boxes. While a consumable gift, the benefits will be shared among many who will certainly be creating memories that last for years to come.
  3. It’s time to get something on the grill. Not just any supermarket family pack of mystery-origin meat. Your grillmaster and guests deserve to enjoy quality consumables that are raised responsibly and farmed humanely. Let’s be honest, you all also want something that tastes amazing. D’Artagnan Grass-Fed Beef Ribeye certainly wouldn’t be a bad choice. Or explore their wide range of proteins that will please the crowd and be a joy for the chef to grill. How about a moulard duck steak to switch up flavors and textures? Seafood on the grill is a special treat, and smoke from the OFYR imparts such an amazing aroma to the briny goodness that is hard to beat. D’Artagnan has already done the quality checking for you so now all you need to do is gleefully select the menu and let your esteemed grillmaster do what they do best.
  4. Part of the beauty of grilling is in its simplicity. However, another of its virtues is versatility. Above all, the experience should be fun. Why not gift all of these attributes to your grillmaster at once by introducing them to the comedy culinary team of the Grill Dads? Sure, they are funny, but they are also extremely well-versed in the art of grilling, having worked with some of the most sought-after restaurants in Los Angeles, authored their own cookbook, and hosted their own Food Network series. Their site has a fantastic assortment of recipes available to expand your grillmaster’s range and repertoire. They also have a line of Spiceology blends that give different kinds of kick to different types of grilled items. Basically this is one-stop shopping for expert knowledge and resources, as well as entertainment. Your chef will be pleased, and have a few good laughs.

Feeling hungry yet? Get cracking on these cracking ideas for your grillmaster and let them get to work with their new conversational cooking centerpiece, some amazing fuel for the fire, a topnotch selection of grilling software, and some lighthearted yet legitimate grilling know-how. Your grillmaster will undoubtedly want to dive right in with all their new toys to pull together meals and events that please that pallet as well as provide an enthralling environment for good times and lasting memories.