A wallet is a quintessential accessory for men. It has been with us for many years, has evolved over time but still remains part and parcel of everyday life for most men out there. The advent of “plastic money” in the form of credit cards and debit cards could have killed the wallet, but instead, it gave it a new lease of life, a new meaning.

Tips about wallets from experts

Given that most men carry wallets around without thought of their meaning and importance, we’ve compiled a list of things every man should know about their wallet. This is not your typical run of the mill guide to wallets with facts that you probably already knew, these are what we like to call things your mom never told you about wallets. Here we go:

Keep Safe with These Tips for Your Wallet

Here are some tips to stay safe when it comes to wallets for men: You won’t find these elsewhere;

  • Go small– A smaller, more functional wallet is the best bet when it comes to wallet safety. You don’t need a big wallet since you won’t be carrying numerous cards and loads of receipts and cash with you everywhere you go.
  • Use a money clip– Money clips keep everything together, thus allowing you to arrange all the stuff in your wallet and keep it that way. You can buy a nifty money clip that suits your purpose online.
  • Keep it in the front left Pocket– This is a no brainer, wallet thieves love targeting those wallets in the back pockets. Experts advise men to keep their wallet in the front left pocket and their keys on the front right.

Never Carry These Things in Your Wallet

Wallets are nice but can also become a source of untold suffering in case you lose them. According to experts, these are the things a man should avoid having in their wallet to be on the safe side.

Wallets advice from experts

1) Multiple Credit Cards

Yes, we know you have access to several cards from different institutions, all serving a purpose and they are probably important to you. With the age of identity theft and card fraud, the last thing you want is handing criminals access to the entire assortment of credit cards at your disposal.

Experts concur that having only one credit card at a time in your wallet can suffice for regular use and reduce the chances of going under in case you lose your wallet. It has been proven through research that people who carry multiple cards in their wallets have a propensity to overspend without noticing it.

2) Receipts

There is no need to stuff those receipts you get from each store you visit in your wallet. Having multiple receipts in your wallet is a bad idea on so many levels. First, they make your wallet bulge and attract thieves who would think you have lots of cash in it secondly, the information in the receipts detailing all your shopping data and even personal data can be a goldmine to identity thieves, thirdly, the numerous receipts will just make your wallet wear out faster than it should have.

3) Your ID Card or Driving License

Never ever have your driving license or ID card somewhere stuffed in your daily wallet, bad idea! An identification card or license is an important thing in your life. If a thief gets a hold of your ID number or license, they will destroy you. Identity thieves and other criminals are always on the lookout out for this information. They will even discard your wallet with all the cash in it but keep these cards with them. God only knows how much damage a determined criminal will do when they have your license or ID with them.

4) PIN Numbers and Passwords

Yes, keeping a list of PIN numbers and passwords in your wallet may seem like a good idea since you don’t have to memorize them, that is until you lose the whole wallet. With all your passwords and PIN numbers, a wallet thief will have you by the balls, they will wreck your bank account, sell your passwords on the dark web and make you regret having that wallet in the first place.