Picking your clothes out every morning makes you a little bit stressed and overwhelmed. You have never been an overly style-conscious person, so special occasions tend to scare you somewhat. There is always something coming up that requires careful thought and attention when it comes to your fashion choices. Planning your next getaway is something you always look forward to doing, but you never know what to pack. You’re at that age where all of your friends are getting married, but you just tend to throw on the same suit over and over again. Dressing for your mood is something that a lot of men find very simple and effective. If you have no experience in this domain, here are a few potential occasions you might have in your upcoming calendar and how to choose your clothing accordingly.

Vacation Clothing

Going on a vacation is meant to be an exciting time, but it always fills you with dread when you have to start packing. You have no idea what kind of clothes are appropriate for holiday-ing and you have no idea if they’re up to date with the current style trends. If you have never considered the various lucky colors from around the world, this might be your saving grace. Let’s say you’re visiting Thailand, yellow is considered to be an especially lucky shade; you might want to consider packing plenty of this bright tone in your suitcase. If this confuses you even more, you simply need to opt for comfortable and practical attire. You don’t need to worry about keeping up with the latest trends, nor do you need to go out and spend a fortune on new clothing. Think carefully about the activities you’re going to be doing on your holiday and pack accordingly. If you’re going on a beach vacation you will be pretty safe with some shorts, tshirts, flip flops and a couple of smarter short sleeved shirts for the evenings.

A Wonderful Wedding

Going to a wedding is meant to be a joyous and happy occasion that you and your loved ones will remember forever. However, as soon as a wedding invitation makes its way through your door, you are suddenly filled with fear. Weddings are always filled with style savvy people who look like they have been planning their outfit for months, so where do you fit in? If you’re just attending the wedding as a guest then you need to take the pressure off yourself. Talk to your date or the friend you’re going with and see what they plan on wearing. You might be able to grab some inspiration from them or even find a coordinating outfit. You can’t go wrong with a navy blue or dark grey suit with a shirt, tie and smart (comfortable) shoes. Remember that wedding days are long so you need to feel completely comfortable in whatever outfit you choose.

Everyday Attire

Popping out to the pub with a friend, going shopping or taking the dog for a walk could count as an everyday activity. This is probably the type of attire that you have the least inspiration and enthusiasm for, so you never look your best. You need to invest in a handful of key pieces that will make up the bulk of your everyday wardrobe. A pair of well fitting jeans, some comfortable sneakers, a couple of casual shirts or tshirts and a jacket that suits your style, is all you need to build a smart and simple wardrobe. Enlist the help of one of your friends if you still feel totally lost. They will be able to point you in the right direction of what to buy as you staple items.

Work Wear

If you work in a standard office where the work attire is generally smart casual then, like many, you are probably lacking ideas for every day. The secret to work wear is to invest in five key outfits that you can wear to the office Monday to Friday. You only need to change a small detail to make the outfit a little different from week to week. It really is that simple! A couple of pairs of trousers in different shades, five different shirts, two pairs of shoes and a handful of jackets are all you need for a varying and stylish work wardrobe.

Lounging Around the House

If you haven’t already invested in some luxury loungewear, then where have you been for the past five years? Nobody is telling you that you have to dress like a celebrity when you’re just chilling out in your own home, but it can come in very handy. Loungewear is the type of outfit that you wouldn’t mind wearing out to the shops but it’s comfortable to laze around in it all day. You can get a whole host of colors from burgundy to navy blue, so have a look online for loungewear inspiration. If you’re feeling extra romantic you could even invest in a matching set for your other half. There are so many loungewear websites that cater for the whole family; you can even buy comfortable clothing for your dog!

Dinner and Drinks

Let’s say you and your college friends are planning a reunion at a local restaurant or bar. You want to make a good impression, especially if you haven’t seen them all for a while. However, you don’t want to go too far out of your comfort zone and wear something that really isn’t your style. Everyone is completely different and you have free reign to wear whatever you want to this sort of occasion. There probably isn’t a dress code or guidelines to adhere to; as long as you’re not wearing your football kit or your pyjamas you’re probably safe! Try and keep it comfortable and smart casual with dark colored jeans, a checked shirt and tan lace up shoes. Choose shades that bring out your eyes and don’t overthink your final outfit choice; you want to feel like your authentic self after all!

A Day At The Beach

Going to the beach is about more than just paddling in the sea, getting some sun and, perhaps, building a few sandcastles. It’s also about exploring your fashion sense as well. There are things that you can wear at the beach that you just can’t anywhere else.

Beach attire begins with swim shorts and t-shirts, but not any old variety. You want brightly colored shorts that really stand out, paired with t-shirts that convey some sort of message.

Then you need to accessorize. The best mens jewelry for the beach is arguably bracelets. They pair well with short-sleeved t-shirts and help to complete the laid-back, sun-loving look.

You’ll also want to invest in a decent pair of shades. Just make sure you choose a variety with UV protection. And don’t forget your sandals. Stick with natural-looking options.

Gym Gear

You always feel like the odd one out at the gym; all of the other guys seem to have the latest gear from shorts to trainers. You don’t need to dress up to go to the gym, nor do you need to have the most expensive trainers on the market. As long as you’re wearing practical and comfortable clothing that is safe for the activities you’re carrying out, you do not need to worry! Think about it, your gym gear is only going to get sweaty after ten minutes, so why would you want to spend a fortune on designer labels?

The basic principles of dressing for your mood, personality and the occasion in question is actually very simple when you put your mind to it. The thought of a special upcoming event doesn’t need to fill you with fear anymore. With the ideas mentioned above, you will be able to make quick and effective decisions when it comes to your outfits. Even the least style conscious person in the world could use this information and implement it into their everyday life. So next time you have plans in your diary you don’t have to make up an excuse because you don’t know what to wear. Consult the information outlined above and you will soon feel confident and stylish every single time you step out of the door.