If you’re new to hookah smoking, you might wonder what you need to start. Hookah smoking is a centuries-old tradition enjoyed by people all over the world. It’s typically enjoyed in groups, making it the perfect social activity. There are a variety of flavors of shisha tobacco that can be smoked in a hookah. The most popular flavors are fruit flavors, such as apple, apricot, and blackberry. There are also a variety of other flavors, including pumpkin, cherry, and mint. Keep reading to learn more about what you need for your hookah setup.

What is shisha?

Hookah shisha is the tobacco that is smoked in a hookah. It’s usually made up of tobacco, molasses, and flavorings. The tobacco is heated, and the smoke is drawn through a water chamber and then inhaled. Shisha is a popular choice for smokers because it’s less harsh than other tobacco types and has a sweet flavor. When setting up your hookah, in addition to shisha, you’ll need a few other things, this includes:

  • A hookah pipe: This is the main part of the hookah you smoke from. There are many different styles and sizes to choose from, such as acrylic, glass, wood, silicone, and metal, so you can find one that fits your needs.
  • A hose: This is used to draw smoke from the pipe into your lungs. Make sure it’s a long enough hose or opt for multiple hoses if you share with others.
  • A bowl: The bowl is where you put your shisha tobacco. There are many different shapes and sizes, so find one that suits your preferences.
  • Coals or charcoal: You use these to heat your shisha tobacco; you can also choose from natural and quick-lighting coconut shell charcoal.

How do you get hookah started?

Creating a bed of coals is one of the most important steps when setting up your hookah. The charcoal provides heat to the tobacco and produces the smoke that is inhaled.

The first way to create a bed of coals is by using charcoal tablets. To use them, you will need to light them on fire and let them burn until they are completely red hot. Once they are hot, place them in the middle of your bowl and cover them with foil. Make sure there are no holes in the foil so that the heat from the coals stays trapped inside.

The second way to create a bed of coals is by using quick lights. Quick lights are small pieces of coal that light quickly and easily. To use them, you will need to light them on fire and then place them around the edge of your bowl. Again, ensure there are no holes in the foil so that the heat from the coals stays trapped inside.

The tobacco is placed in the bowl at the top of the hookah. The coals are then placed on top of the tobacco. The heat from the coals will cause the tobacco to release flavor and smoke. The smoke will then travel down the stem and through the water chamber, where it will be cooled before inhaling.

What types of coals are there?

When it comes to choosing coal for your hookah, there are many different options available. The most popular type of coal is natural charcoal, made from coconut shells or other natural materials.

Natural charcoals are the traditional choice for hookah smokers and offer some benefits over artificial coals. They burn slowly and evenly, making them ideal for long smoking sessions. They also produce less ash than artificial coals, making cleanup easier.

Artificial charcoals come in various shapes and sizes, making them perfect for any hookah setup. They also burn quickly and evenly, making them ideal for short smoking sessions. However, they can produce more ash than natural coals, which can be messy when cleaning up after a session. Additionally, some smokers find that artificial coals can give off an unpleasant taste when smoked in a hookah.

Hookah smoking can be enjoyed by many people. It’s a great way to relax and connect with others.