Being a successful professional does not mean that a person works in traditional or mysterious ways for them to achieve their goals. For most of them, there is a lot of pressure after high school for higher education.

They are required to get a bachelor’s degree while others advance to a master’s or even a doctorate. This is the culture that thrives in most parts of the world. There are even markets that require a degree or a master’s for entry-level jobs.

However, this does not mean that every other person has to go through this path for them to be successful. Some people are not driven by education but by the work that they can do, as long as they can make a decent income.

Some people do not have the money, energy, and time required for them to go through the education path discussed above.

Even though getting higher education means that one has higher chances of getting better-paying jobs, other jobs pay equally well without requiring a degree. Some of them include;

Real Estate Agents

This is one of the most rewarding careers that does not require a person to have a degree. It comes with a lot of opportunities, from the selling and buying of homes, industrial and commercial property, or even farmlands.

However, even though you do not need a degree, you should look for the quickest way to get a real estate license for you to start earning as early as you can. It will also expose you to the available opportunities so that you can establish yourself in the industry.

Executive Assistants

Even though executive assistants provide some complicated administrative support to top executives and companies, most of their roles revolve around taking messages for their bosses, coordinating tasks, and managing the calendars of their bosses.

They may also be involved in supervising some junior employees on behalf of their bosses, preparing reports on different things, as well as analyzing company documents.

However, even though executive assistants are an indispensable and integral part of an office, they do not require a degree for them to start working.

They also earn a good salary, even better than some jobs that require someone to have a degree.

Patrol Officers

A patrol officer is tasked with mostly updating records and writing reports when working from an office. If they are not in an office, patrol officers will be found outside on patrol, observing and taking care of incidents that might happen in the public.

Even though patrol officers might be seen as heroes due to the nature of their jobs and the fact that it can be taken as a public service job, it is a job that might come with a lot of pros and cons, most of which are similar to those of a police officer.

That notwithstanding, you do not need a degree for you to be a patrol officer, yet the median salary of about $65,000 is way more than other jobs that require a degree.

Sales Representatives

Sales representatives are tasked with selling services and goods to organizations, government agencies, and other businesses instead of selling them to consumers directly.

They do an amazing job for wholesalers as well as manufacturers especially when it comes to marketing their goods and services.

As long as you have the ability and will to constantly travel from one place to another and possess an enthusiastic personality, you do not need a degree to be a sales representative.

Apart from selling and marketing, sales representatives might be assigned other tasks such as working on expense accounts, analyzing tasks, and other administrative tasks. You do not need a degree to be a sales representative.

Flight Attendants

When in a flight, the people you are likely going to interact with the most are flight attendants. Their main role revolves around making sure that all passengers are comfortable. They are also tasked with responding to any safety measures that might arise after take-off.

Flight attendants provide instructions to passengers especially on areas touching on safety, emergency equipment, and other precautions such as fastening of safety belts.

They are among the highest-paid professionals today, with a median salary of about $59,000. You do not need a degree for you to be a flight attendant.


Some people might fail to proceed with higher education due to things out of their control. Others choose not to continue for their reasons. No matter the reason, there are many jobs that you can get that pay well, with some even paying more than some jobs that require a degree.